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Dear Young Again,

Our patient is a 12 year old male neutered tiger cat named “Chicco”.  He presented in October 2014 for weight loss. Routine cbc and chemistries were normal and a urine sample was  not attainable at the time. The owner was advised to follow up with urinalysis at their convenience. The cat was not seen again until November 2015 with  5 & ½ pounds of weight gain and urinating large amounts. We again ran a cbc, chemistry, and were able to collect urine for a urinalysis via cystocentesis. His cbc was normal and his blood chemistries were all normal except for a mildly elevated blood glucose at 221 micrograms/deciliter. Chicco’s urinalysis results demonstrated a specific gravity of 1.024, 2+ protein, pH 7.0, negative for ketones, and a 2+ glucose. Microscopically there were 3-5 WBC’s per high power field and 2+cocci bacturia. At this time, we diagnosed diabetes mellitus with a secondary UTI.


Our treatment plan was simple. We needed to get our patient to lose weight in a manner that would also allow for better glycemic control and we needed to treat the UTI. The UTI was treated with an injection of Convenia at the request of the owner since giving the cat oral medications was quite difficult. The difficulty with our plan was that the best way to achieve the weight loss and glycemic control traditionally meant a high protein, low carbohydrate canned food diet and our patient, being a cat, refuses to eat any form of canned food. Enter our savior, one of our long-standing clients who happens to work at a local pet food company. Our client had been in a while back super excited to talk about the new foods for cats and dogs that her company had developed. After getting some samples and reading about the product and some of the other testimonials, I started getting excited too!  A dry cat food that was metabolically appropriate! This fits the bill for most owners because of convenience and for veterinarians because of the content.


We started our tiger cat, “Chicco”, on the Young Again ZERO Formula. One month later, we were extremely pleased that our patient’s drinking and urination patterns had returned to normal, he had lost a full pound, his urine glucose  was negative, and his blood glucose was 124 micrograms/deciliter.  With just a diet change, we were able to resolve his current health issues.  Thanks Young Again!!


Sincerely, Dr. Meaghan Swensen, Lakes Veterinary and Surgical Center,
Lindstrom, MN


Hi Michael and Jen,

I just want to thank you for your support as I transitioned my cats to Young Again.


I also wanted to let you know what a wonderful difference your product has made for my cats.


One of my cats, named Fattie for logical reasons, started losing weight and the vet found he was diabetic. A lifetime of higher carb cat food was the issue, similar to with humans. Who makes cat food full of carbs?  I had no idea.


I put Fattie on a VERY expensive insulin and bi-daily injections.  At the same time, I started the cats on Young Again.  I can't believe that I paid for that expensive insulin, since a few weeks into eating Young Again, Fattie's blood sugar was back to normal!  I could have saved a lot of time and money by switching to Young again first and skipping the insulin.  Along with Fattie returning to his active, playful self, his coat is so wonderful.  He used to have a sort of kitty dandruff on his back, and that is completely gone.  His coat is now softer and shinier than I have ever seen.



This is a great product and you all really need to get the word out to cat owners.  Feel free to use this email however you want.


PS:  I was able to get the other cats to eat Young Again by grinding some up and mixing with decreasing amounts of wet food. Took a couple of weeks and now everyone eats the Young Again dry food.


Sandy C.



"About 9 months ago, our cat was diagnosed with diabetes and renal disease.  It was difficult at first, but we were able to get into a routine of blood glucose testing and an insulin shot twice a day. However, we wanted better for our Marshmallow.  We came across the Young Again website and decided to give the ZERO Formula a try (with our vet's blessing, of course). After about one month of Marshmallow eating the ZERO Formula free choice, he no longer needed insulin shots. Later, at a follow-up visit at the vet, we had labs run to check his kidney function. His BUN, creatinine and phosphorus levels were not negatively impacted by the new food.


Thank you so much for creating the ZERO cat food. Now that our cat's diabetes is in remission, and we're not poking him with needles all of the time, his quality of life is so much higher. We're all a lot happier now."


Krissy & John


Your cat food for diabetic cats is so awesome, it's hard to believe no one stumbled onto this before. My 10+ year old diabetic cat went from spikes of 400+ test to 100 in less than 2 weeks. No insulin at all! The water & food consumption has dropped to a fraction of what he consumed pre ZERO food. Also, urination is way down & when he goes #2 there is no smell, unlike previously when I'd wake from a sound sleep & have to get up right then to clean his box. Usually at 3:00 in the morning!


I was originally worried about the cost, but you were so right that the combo of no carbs & high nutrition stops the "grazing" effect. I'm saving $22×2 a month on dry/ wet cat food & $25 /mo. on insulin.


I realized the most important change for my cat is how much better he's feeling. He's jumping up on higher places that he's been unable because he just wasn't well.


I'm now going to switch my healthy dog to Young Again. I've told everyone I can. Thanks for such a great product.


Judith P.



OK, I just gotta say, my Savannah has gotten his energy back. I had him on a raw food but he was always so ho-hum upon eating it. He got down to eating barely 1 ounce a day and always trying to get my older cat’s higher carb kibble. It was always a battle to keep them apart…twice a day feedings, too. Now they BOTH love the food and I have no more fights over food. When I first put the food down and said to my Savannah, ‘have at it’, he ate and ate and ate as if to say, “Where has this been all my life??”  Within 2 days he was jumping around like he used to as a young kitten! I am super thrilled with this food! Closest thing to a dried mouse! lol


Mary-Ellen L.


Hi Jen,

I thought I would share with you the results of having Charlie on the Young Again food for about three months. He never did get to like the little bites version so I just ordered some more of the 50/22 and he is very happy now.


Pictures are attached!  The first one is at the beginning, the second one is after 3 months. You can see a lot of difference in his face.....and to his joy he can give himself a bath all over now!


Thank you so much for your help....Charlie is thankful too!


Blessings, Kriss


Charlie before Young Again


Charlie after 3 months on Young Again


I want everyone to know about your cat food because we believe it has saved our Cats’ lives. We have two cats who are litter mates, or as we call them “sisters”.

Several years ago one of the cats (Sandi) was diagnosed with Diabetes. Over about a year we tried several different types of cat food for diabetic cats, her need for insulin was as much as 40 units per day and her weight went up to 15 lbs. With our vets guidance in what we need to have in her diet, my husband searched the internet and found “Young Again.” We decided to try this formula and…WOW!!!  What a difference. Over the past 2 plus years, Sandi has lost 4 lbs. and is truly “young again.”  She is running and jumping like a kitten. She only requires 2 units of insulin per day and her fur is beautiful. Her sister is doing well, too. I would really encourage everyone to try this food. The food is wonderful and the staff is knowledge and very helpful. We laugh that we might need “young again” for people.  Please give this cat food a chance to help you cat(s) feel better and live longer.


Sincerely,   Kelly K., Overland Park, Ks.


Thanks, Michael!

Quick update on Sparkle (hyperglycemia). She is truly like a little kitten again. I've read over and over about your food having that effect on pets, but I am seeing it for myself now. Except for canned tuna, she and Diesel are eating Young Again Mature exclusively. Both are so happy and active and genuinely love this food now. Both have slimmed down even more and are at perfect weights.

We could not be happier with the quality and effects of this food. It has done exactly what you said it should do, and the guesswork is gone for me.

Thank you ever so much.


Nancy N.


Hi, I just wanted to say that I care a lot about what I feed my cats. I have 15 of them. I have one cat that has problems with urinary crystals and stones, so I need to feed a quality food that is low in carbohydrates. I also have a couple of fat cats that I am worried about them getting diabetes as they age. I feed them Young Again 50/22 and was impressed with how long it lasted, but it didn’t seem my cats were crazy about it, so I went back to feeding them Evo, which I do think is a good food. While the Evo was cheaper; 48 dollars for 15lbs, it would only last a week, so if I multiplied 3 bags times 48 dollars, it would cost me more, even though, it is a lot more food. So, I am back on Young Again. I think one of the reasons the cats aren’t crazy piglets about the food is the analogy of having human kids chose between broccoli (which I compare to YA) or pizza. Of course, they are going to choose something that perhaps taste better, but not necessarily nutritionally better for them. I don’t know if this will help people decide to buy Young Again, but I thought I would let you know what I have experienced. Thanks so much,


Candace Peterson


After our vet recommended a high protein low carb diet for our 20 pound cat, we started looking for the best food. Thank goodness we found Young Again. Great product, fast shipping, great customer service. We leave food out for her 24/7. She has been on the food for 5 months and has lost 3 pounds.


Barb D., Kansas


Hi Jen,

Wanted you to know we've had a positive breakthrough with my cat's new change over to YA kibble.

This is all he will eat now and all that I give him. Was worried as he has been stubborn in the past, but I think it was because he was not getting the nutrients he needed.

I am so so grateful for this product, I can't tell you what a relief it is to see him so happy and healthy.

Thank you,

Frances Wilson


Exceptional weight gains on my kittens!


I noticed a huge difference in the weight gain on my kittens when I ran out of the food and then got it again for the mom. My scale is correct to within one gram, and at first I weigh twice a day then once a day at the same time every day. One of the kittens was gaining about 82 grams a week then I was out of the Young Again for about a week and she only gained 22 grams the whole week. Then I got it again and she started gaining almost twice as much again each day like she was making up for lost time. That's 82 grams a week, down to 22 grams a week for the week she wasn't on Young Again, then back up to 13, 19, and 21 grams EACH DAY the day after the mother started back on Young Again, making up for lost time.


The two moms I have here are looking great with no other food, just water. One is nursing and the other is pregnant. The (4 week) kittens also took readily to eating it.


Susan G., Aksum Abyssinians, Atlanta, GA


I wanted to give you an update. I took Sweetums to the Vet twice today because I suspected her blood sugar was low. They did two glucose tests on her and as of 5:00 pm. she is officially OFF the insulin! I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your product and your help! This is a big breakthrough for her and I am so so grateful!


I will continue to feed her Young Again ZERO Cat Food and know that she will go on to live a healthy LONG life!


Thanx again!


Mary P. Jackson, NJ


We couldn't be happier with the food


The food is fantastic. Two of my previously chunky spays look really good, trimmed down and glossy coats. We couldn't be happier with the food and how great the cats look in just such a short time, what a difference.


Roeann F., Compass Rose Orientals, CFA reg - Belleview, FL


I love Young Again Cat food. My 5 week old kittens are thriving and the small kibble is so easy for them to eat and my nursing cats are keeping their weight on. I recommend Young Again to all my kitten buyers.


Janie T., Celticragdolls


Hi Young Again,


I am so excited and pleased! Since going onto your ZERO Young Again cat food freely fed approximately a month ago, my dear Suki has gone from 12 pounds, 8 ounces to 11 pounds, 1.5 ounces! The vet told me that her ideal weight is 10-11 pounds so we are fast approaching the goal! Suki is also more active and her coat has gotten even softer. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


Emily A. & Suki



Our cats are doing  fabulous on this food .. Their appetites seem much more satisfied . They are  not constantly begging for food . No litter box issues , no more vomiting or hacking up hairballs . Yay ! We love Young Again Cat Food. . .


Philippe & Mei Li


I just wanted to send an update about my cat Ziggy who was diagnosed diabetic in early July.  Thanks to information I received on a feline diabetes support site I changed Ziggy's diet to YA ZERO dry food and Fancy Feast pates along with only freeze dried chicken or turkey as treats.  When he was first diagnosed he was up over 599 bg and was on 5.5 units of Humulin N 2x/day.


I'm happy to report that with the diet change and support in dosing Ziggy in addition to home testing Ziggy has been off insulin for a month and a half now.  I can't believe it!


All of my cats are on the same diet.  I'm hoping Ziggy stays off the juice as they say for the rest of his life and the others benefit also from the change in diet.  I learned so much about the types of ingredients in cat foods because of this experience with Ziggy.  I'd rather pay more money for better food than have to spend hundreds or thousands on vet bills and diabetic supplies.


Ziggy and I are both much happier now!


Karen B.


I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that YA is a HUGE hit in our house. Abigale reminded me it was time to contact you when I woke up to find a Young Again sample package SHREDDED on the kitchen floor this morning.


The cats absolutely LOVE it. I've gone back to free feeding as your website suggests and so far I've noticed a wonderful improvement with my kitty who has been recovering from bladder stone surgery. She has always been a little underweight and I'm relieved to watch her backbone beginning to disappear. And its a happy piece of mind knowing her weight gain is not from fillers, leftover animal remnants or floor sweepings from grain mills that can sometimes be found in other pet foods.


I have very high hopes for this food and I would love to help your company succeed. I have done HOURS AND HOURS of research for the best pet food, I am confident that No one is going to find a better pet food on the market today.


Now I just cross my fingers Big Corporate doesn't decide to buy you out. That would be a real shame.


Thank you again. You have a customer for life in this house.


Jeni R.



Courageous Cat, the love of my life, was diagnosed with diabetes in September. His numbers were all over the place and he would not regulate, needing 3 sometimes 4 units a day. On 1/16, I put him on Young Again ZERO. Today is day 8 that he does not need a shot! If I had all of you who developed this product in front of me, I would give you a huge hug! I'm overjoyed!


Courageous is 13 years old. I have two others...a male, Duke, who is 2 1/2 and a female, Daisy, who is 1 1/2. They are both eating the food, also. They both lost weight and are more "streamlined" in appearance. Duke had such a bad case of dandruff which is now disappearing. And all three of their coats are becoming so silky! I gave the link to your website to my vet and they printed up some pages and are keeping track of Courageous' progress with the food. I have been keeping a daily log as per their request. I can't thank you enough.


Nancy C.


I routinely foster several stray/rescue cats & kittens, until they can find a forever home. We sometimes have trouble with a few of the tomcats, wanting to fight with some of the weaker/younger cats. I have tried natural cat foods in the past, and recently came upon a link to your website.


Within a couple days of feeding my cats your food, all the fighting ceased!  Everyone was living in peace with each other. They were all calm and happy!  I ran out of the food sooner than expected, and when they were put back on a commercial

cat food, the fighting started again. My husband said "I don't care if it does cost more, please order some more of that food today."


He could not believe the difference in their behavior.  And even after just one bag, I noticed their fur was becoming so much softer and silk like.  You have a wonderful product that really works.  Thank you so much for creating Young Again pet food.


P.S.  Thank you so much for taking time to visit with me on the telephone. Your input was very helpful.


Vicki C., Texas


I am now convinced that Young Again is more committed to the well being of my pets than "big" pet food companies.


I was first introduced to Young Again pet foods after inquiring about a better food for my daughter's goldfish. I was changing the water and cleaning the tank on a weekly basis and the fish kept getting swim bladder disease.


Immediately after switching to your Goldfish Sinking Food the tank remained clean for weeks longer and the goldfish no longer swims upside down - over one year later!  I recently learned the company also makes dog food and decided to try it out on our two year old Maltese named Gracie. The results are equally astounding as the fish food. Gracie's bright white coat is shinier and grows faster than ever before.   I have also noticed she seems friskier and more playful and active than before.


I am now convinced that Young Again is more committed to the well being of my pets than 'big' pet food companies and I applaud them for putting pets above profits!


Thank you Young Again!

Basil J.

Minneapolis, MN

Dear Young Again Pet Food,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping bring back energy and vitality to our 15 year old Great Pyrenees mix. Our love, Laska, is a 15 year old Great Pyrenees/English Setter mix. We have seen her age start to affect her these last few years. Her hair and joints especially. She had bald spots and was struggling to get up from the floor and we had to cut her walks to being just up the street and back. We switched Laska to Young Again Pet Food last spring and in this year her hair is thicker and she is back on her walks around the block and more. Laska's ability to get up from the floor is so much better and even the groomer commented on her thicker fuller hair.


Young Again Pet Food has proven to be good for Laska and she loves the taste as well. We also switched our younger dog Bode, a Portuguese Water Dog to your food because he kept looking at us like what a minute why does she get the good stuff. Having Laska back to her younger, healthier, and happy self is priceless. Our family could not imagine life without Laska and thanks to Young Again Pet Food we don't have to think about life without her for a very long time to come. You have brought the spirit and joy back into her step and her looks.


From the bottom our heart thanks you giving us more time with Laska our love and our joy!

Peggy S.

Minneapolis, MN

Sadie is a 10 year old Black Lab/Border Collie mix who in the last year has begun to show her age. I had been looking for diets and other ways to help Sadie maintain her energy and prolong her life. I had been trying many different types of foods and supplements but wasn't having much luck. I was then introduced to Young Again Pet Foods.


I began feeding Sadie Young Again and she loved the food. Over the course of the next month I began to see some real changes in her behavior. Prior to this she was a bit melancholy and didn't have much spunk. After a month she wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to play from the minute I got home from work.


Her excitement and energy has not waned since then and she is going on six months now of eating Young Again. Her coat has become shiny and thick, but something that has stood out to me is that she does not shed almost any hair.


Truly Amazing and Thank You.

Chris P.

Golden Valley, MN

After feeding my mini poodle, Rusty, Young Again Dog Food for over a month, I would like to report what a difference it has made to his beautiful dark red coat. He's fourteen months old and has an unusually deep red color, but now it really shines and is even heavier, denser than it was just a couple of months ago. His “poops” are easier, and more condensed (heavier in substance) and is in overall great puppy health. Before Young Again, he was on another brand, which was fine, but erratic in terms of his bowels. The shape and size of these pellets, and their effect on his build, seem to be very positive.


I work a lot of hours away from home, lead an exceptionally busy life and it is a huge help to know that Rusty's food will come free of shipping and delivered at my front door. Thanks again for this great dog food.

Elaine S.

Boston, MA


I brag about this dog food all the time! I know it's spendy but it is so worth it. Where I board my dogs, they have commented on the difference in their coats and health. Most of the dogs I have are senior rescued dogs and you'd never know how old they are by how they act. The two hunting dogs seem to have more endurance when out hunting. One of my dogs had Hepatocellular carcinoma almost two years ago. The vets at U of M said it would more than likely come back but so far so good.  She's doing so awesome and I know the food has helped her. So thanks for asking and for this awesome food!



I just wanted to send you a thank you for developing this awesome pet food!  I have 7 dogs and since starting them on the dog food I have noticed how wonderful they are.  They have improved personalities, health, coat, and the older dogs act like they did SIX years ago.  My oldest (11) was on monthly joint meds for arthritis - she no longer needs them.  She is also back to taking 2-3 mile walks daily where before she could hardly make it a 1/2 mile and my two hunting dogs seem to last longer on hunts.   My cats have also started being more social and much less timid and their coats look like velvet.  My 14 yr old cat acts the same as he did when he was two.  Everyone that sees my pets comment on how beautiful their coats are and how young they act.   Where I board my dogs, the people there have commented on what an improvement they see.  I have been recommending your food to everyone and telling my vets about it too.  Thanks again!!!!!

Jill B.

Hollandale, MN

I would highly recommend this food for your dog. We have had our 13 year old Chinese Crested on it for about 4 months and she is spunkier than ever and her skin looks fantastic! :) I especially love that there is less waste in the yard and we go through a lot less food :) making it cheaper to feed than other foods!

--nothings too good for Lou ;)

Jennifer H.

Brainerd, MN


Surfing the ‘net one day recently I found a new, different type of pet food called Young Again, manufactured in Minnesota. Young Again is manufactured with the needs of obligate carnivores in mind, (cats), and (for dogs) those who are not quite obligate carnivores.


My cat is 11 years old. She’s in good condition and quite healthy, but I had noticed recently that she had some dandruff which I feel is indicative of something in her diet being out of order, and she has been having constipation for quite a while, affecting her well-being as well as her disposition. For both, my vet suggested giving her omega3 fish oil capsules, which probably are good for her but only lessened the dandruff a bit and seemed to have no affect on her constipation. Though she was on a high-quality kibble that she seemed to like I knew I had to improve her diet. She sniffs at canned food but doesn’t ever finish a canned meal, though those I’ve tried also are high quality.


Enter YoungAgain.


I ordered an 8# bag of Mature Health Formula kibble which claims to have a lower mineral level than other formulae in the product line. The product arrived at my door around noon on the second day after I ordered.


What great service.


Two meals, only two, and her constipation was gone. Her dandruff problem was about halved and I believe she’ll be without dandruff soon. Her disposition is better because her gut isn’t full of hard-packed stool, which would make anyone feel cross and sick.


Thank you, YoungAgain, your product not only pleases my cat but has made a profound improvement in her health and her daily life.

SMR, Northern Illinois

I recently lost a 16-year old cat (my first one) to complications from diabetes and IBS.  He was 19 lbs at one time and passed away at a weight of 7.6 lbs. Unfortunately, I learned a bit too late about your company and food, particularly the Young Again ZERO. My vets kept on recommending prescription foods at premium prices but still full of by-product meats, glutens, etc. Their entire philosophy was that these multimillion dollar companies had invested large sums of money on R&D to put these prescription foods on the market and they could not be wrong.


Having worked at pharmaceutical company and knowing very well that R&D spend does not necessarily translate into quality products in the long run, I started doing research soon after my cat died as I had another young one at home as was planning on adopting yet another one.  My young one was tipping the scale at 13 lbs, which might not sound like a lot but she was definitely overweight and developing a big old belly.  Since switching her to your food, she is now down to about 11 lbs and after 3 months and looking much healthier.  I also adopted a new cat and put him right away on the same diet. They both eat at intervals (no overeating) so there's no need to remove food away, go to the bathroom less often as the food seems to be more digestible, and have lots of energy.


Thank you for putting a quality product out there without all the unnecessary ingredients and additives that tends to make it to most cat foods these days. Excellent product, competitive price, with delivery right to my front door.  Keep up the good work.


I also sent a note to my vets and told them about the food. I strongly urged them to take a look at it and do their own research since what they are currently prescribing to pet owners is pretty nasty considering all the by-products in those prescription diets. They sent me a note to thank me and promised they would consider it.

JC Perez

Thank you for checking in with me. I really appreciate that you do that.  In fact, due to you and your excellent service and responsiveness, I have referred several people to your company.  My cats' shiny coats and healthiness have drawn comments from numerous friends.


I look forward to receiving the April shipment; the cats, Binx and Nim, do too!


Again, thank you for your excellent personal service.

Laureen E.

The bag arrived in great shape this time – although, I personally saw the UPS guy throw it over my gate.


Thank you for helping me - you have a customer for life now because you went the extra mile!  My cats LOVE your food!

Eric E.

We can say we make great pet foods, but our customers say it better.



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