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I can imagine you hear this often, but had to share how Young Again Pet Food has improved the life of my pets. I have 2 cats and transitioned both to Zero Mature. One cat had on/off issues vomiting and neither cat was very active, almost like they didn't have any energy. Both cats are 11 old litter mates and all vomiting issues are gone. Both are more active. They dart about (zoomies) and do the hide-seek-pounce thing! I also have 3 dogs, litter mates, age 6. One dog has always been slow to eat and picks at food. When I use toppers, he readily eats. Also, he scratches at his shoulders and all 3 dogs have dull shedding coat. I decided 5 months ago to try your dog food. Now he eats his meals as quickly as the others, no more scratching, and his coat has a luster. Shedding has greatly reduced. GREATLY! His litter mates, although they eat well, scratch and have a dull shedding coat. I am going to "bite the bullet" so to speak and invest in feeding all 2 cats and 3 dogs Young Again. It's like I have done a side by side comparison trial that is proof of how beneficial your food is to my pets! The 2 dogs not on Young Again eat Merrick grain free Hero blend. Also all dogs get added good food of what's in season, in very small amounts. Squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, apples, blue berries, bananas, kale, acorn squash, turnips, etc. 2 tablespoons topped on food or as a treat. Thank you for such a good dependable pet food!


Darlene R. – Mississippi



Sadie is a 10 year old Black Lab/Border Collie mix who in the last year has begun to show her age. I had been looking for diets and other ways to help Sadie maintain her energy and prolong her life. I had been trying many different types of foods and supplements but wasn't having much luck. I was then introduced to Young Again Pet Foods.


I began feeding Sadie Young Again and she loved the food. Over the course of the next month I began to see some real changes in her behavior. Prior to this she was a bit melancholy and didn't have much spunk. After a month she wouldn't leave me alone and wanted to play from the minute I got home from work.


Her excitement and energy has not waned since then and she is going on six months now of eating Young Again. Her coat has become shiny and thick, but something that has stood out to me is that she does not shed almost any hair.


Truly Amazing and Thank You.


Chris P.

Golden Valley, MN




I brag about this dog food all the time! I know it's spendy but it is so worth it. Where I board my dogs, they have commented on the difference in their coats and health. Most of the dogs I have are senior rescued dogs and you'd never know how old they are by how they act. The two hunting dogs seem to have more endurance when out hunting. One of my dogs had Hepatocellular carcinoma almost two years ago. The vets at U of M said it would more than likely come back but so far so good.  She's doing so awesome and I know the food has helped her. So thanks for asking and for this awesome food!



I just wanted to send you a thank you for developing this awesome pet food!  I have 7 dogs and since starting them on the dog food I have noticed how wonderful they are.  They have improved personalities, health, coat, and the older dogs act like they did SIX years ago.  My oldest (11) was on monthly joint meds for arthritis - she no longer needs them.  She is also back to taking 2-3 mile walks daily where before she could hardly make it a 1/2 mile and my two hunting dogs seem to last longer on hunts.   My cats have also started being more social and much less timid and their coats look like velvet.  My 14 yr old cat acts the same as he did when he was two.  Everyone that sees my pets comment on how beautiful their coats are and how young they act.   Where I board my dogs, the people there have commented on what an improvement they see.  I have been recommending your food to everyone and telling my vets about it too.  Thanks again!!!!!


Jill B.

Hollandale, MN



Dear Young Again Pet Food,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping bring back energy and vitality to our 15 year old Great Pyrenees mix. Our love, Laska, is a 15 year old Great Pyrenees/English Setter mix. We have seen her age start to affect her these last few years. Her hair and joints especially. She had bald spots and was struggling to get up from the floor and we had to cut her walks to being just up the street and back. We switched Laska to Young Again Pet Food last spring and in this year her hair is thicker and she is back on her walks around the block and more. Laska's ability to get up from the floor is so much better and even the groomer commented on her thicker fuller hair.


Young Again Pet Food has proven to be good for Laska and she loves the taste as well. We also switched our younger dog Bode, a Portuguese Water Dog to your food because he kept looking at us like what a minute why does she get the good stuff. Having Laska back to her younger, healthier, and happy self is priceless. Our family could not imagine life without Laska and thanks to Young Again Pet Food we don't have to think about life without her for a very long time to come. You have brought the spirit and joy back into her step and her looks.


From the bottom our heart thanks you giving us more time with Laska our love and our joy!


Peggy S.

Minneapolis, MN


I am now convinced that Young Again is more committed to the well being of my pets than "big" pet food companies.


I was first introduced to Young Again pet foods after inquiring about a better food for my daughter's goldfish. I was changing the water and cleaning the tank on a weekly basis and the fish kept getting swim bladder disease.


Immediately after switching to your Goldfish Sinking Food the tank remained clean for weeks longer and the goldfish no longer swims upside down - over one year later!  I recently learned the company also makes dog food and decided to try it out on our two year old Maltese named Gracie. The results are equally astounding as the fish food. Gracie's bright white coat is shinier and grows faster than ever before.   I have also noticed she seems friskier and more playful and active than before.


I am now convinced that Young Again is more committed to the well being of my pets than 'big' pet food companies and I applaud them for putting pets above profits!


Thank you Young Again!


Basil J.

Minneapolis, MN


After feeding my mini poodle, Rusty, Young Again Dog Food for over a month, I would like to report what a difference it has made to his beautiful dark red coat. He's fourteen months old and has an unusually deep red color, but now it really shines and is even heavier, denser than it was just a couple of months ago. His “poops” are easier, and more condensed (heavier in substance) and is in overall great puppy health. Before Young Again, he was on another brand, which was fine, but erratic in terms of his bowels. The shape and size of these pellets, and their effect on his build, seem to be very positive.


I work a lot of hours away from home, lead an exceptionally busy life and it is a huge help to know that Rusty's food will come free of shipping and delivered at my front door. Thanks again for this great dog food.


Elaine S.

Boston, MA


I would highly recommend this food for your dog. We have had our 13 year old Chinese Crested on it for about 4 months and she is spunkier than ever and her skin looks fantastic! :) I especially love that there is less waste in the yard and we go through a lot less food :) making it cheaper to feed than other foods!

--nothings too good for Lou ;)


Jennifer H.

Brainerd, MN



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