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"My cat Jake used to get horrible eosinophilic plaques on a near-constant basis. He was on course after course of prednisolone, and started becoming resistant to it. After a trip to a veterinary dermatologist, we put him on Atopica, which definitely worked for a while to keep his symptoms in check. But the medicine is expensive, and for health reasons, it's not something I wanted to keep him on indefinitely, despite the derm vet saying it would be just fine to do so. Plus, Jake became increasingly difficult to medicate -- constantly hiding and evading my grasp, fearful of me because he hated that awful-tasting medicine.

This spring, I switched my cats to Young Again in the hopes that a change in diet might help Jake. He took to it well, and I slowly began increasing the time between his doses of Atopica. In May, I took him off it completely, and he's been lesion-free ever since. I mix the Mature Health formula with the LID and he's had no recurrences (knock on wood), so I am not even sure it's chicken he's allergic to. Of course, his recurrent lesions could have been caused by something else entirely -- something in the environment, stress, etc. But I am NOT taking any chances. I will keep my cats on Young Again as long as it keeps Jake happy, healthy, and symptom-free.

Some of my other cats have had urinary issues in the past too, and this food manages those issues as well. Check out the before and after pictures. I sincerely hope we've put those awful lesions behind us for good now! Thank you, Young Again!"

Rebecca K.


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