Young Again Affiliate Program FAQs:

What is an affiliate program?

An Affiliate Program allows you to place a link on your website to the Young Again website and its products. Visitors to your site will have the opportunity to buy Young Again products, and when he or she makes a purchase, you will earn a 6% commission on each new sale and every repeat sale.


Why should I choose the Young Again Affiliate Program?


There are many reasons to join!


  • Every time someone looks at your website, they become a potential buyer and a new source of income for you.
  • Becoming an Affiliate is free, and you'll make money with very little effort.
  • We take the customer order and handle all payments. All you do is cash the checks!
  • You will be supporting unique pet foods that make a difference.
  • We sell food for Cats, Dogs, Ferrets and Koi
  • If you are a breeder every time you send a baby home you can continue to make money each time your client buys more food, including food for other animals.
  • If that client owns another pet you will receive commissions on that sale as well.
  • Make your own food purchases through your own link to receive a 6% commission on every purchase you make, saving you money on your own animals.


Setting Up Links:

How do I create links?

Young Again will provide creative links for you to use. You are also able to create text links or your own images to send customers to our website. However, Young Again reserves the right to terminate an affiliate relationship at our discretion if we find anything to be inappropriate or going against the intended purpose of the program.


Where should I place the links on my site?

You should place links where they are easy for your site visitors to find, such as your homepage. Some other areas where you may want to place your links include your navigation bar, and any other high-traffic areas. If you place the links in an easily accessible location on your site, your visitors will be more likely to click the link.


How often should I update my links?

The more often links and images are updated the more likely users will be to click. You are encouraged to use true personal testimonies on your site from satisfied customers and add additional content that your site visitors will find useful.


Tracking, Payment & Reporting:

How much can I earn?

Earning potential depends on how many orders people make from your site. Young Again can't predict how much you will earn from our Affiliate Program because we are unable to predict the frequency or purchasing habits of your website visitors.


How do I know how much commission I've earned?

Through your affiliate login with ClickInc, you can access reports, which are updated daily, that provide information on impressions, clicks, orders, and commissions earned. With this tool you will be able to monitor your success each day allowing you to optimize your message there by maximizing your sales.


How often do I get paid?

Young Again will send you a commission check for all commissions earned through the Young Again affiliate program on a monthly basis, provided you earn at least $50. If the amount is less than $50, then the commission will be held that threshold is reached and the commission will be sent the next month.


What about product returns?

If a user returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.


How can I monitor my sales?

You can monitor your sales by accessing reports as often as you like through the ClickInc portal.


Who processes orders and handles customer service?

Young Again takes care of the customers that you refer to our site. All you have to do is place links on your site. We do the rest!


How will you know that the orders came from my site?

Young Again's program is able to identify the referring site automatically by your its affiliate ID or when an account that has been tagged with your affiliate ID. We use that unique identifier to determine which affiliate is given the commission.


How often can I run reports?

You can run reports daily if you wish. ClickInc, our 3rd-party tracking partner, is updated daily with the latest information about your site.


Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?

Yes. When you buy products from us through your website, you earn the same commission on your purchase that you would from a visitor purchase.


How can I earn additional income?

Sign up other affiliates just like yourself and they will make their 6% commission on their website sales and you will be paid an additional 2% commission on those same sales. You may sign up as many approved affiliates as you like. An affiliate can be any person or company with an approved website.

We reserve the right to update and change our affiliate program terms without notice.

We will only pay referral fees on links that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems.

The referral fee structure is subject to change at

our discretion.



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