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To help our customers learn more about how their pets can live a long and healthy life, we have created a series of short videos to educate consumers on how to avoid common feline diseases such and obesity and diabetes. Of course, if you believe your pet is ill, we recommend that you take him or her to your vet for a full check-up. Watch for new videos coming soon.

Prevent Obesity with a Carnivore Diet

Our unique formulations of cat food contain no grains, no glutens, no plant proteins, no veggies, no fruit and very limited amounts of Starch/carbohydrates. Many experts believe that excess starch/carbs are responsible for the epidemic of obese cats we see today in our homes today. Almost 60% of all cats are overweight and we know that obesity and diabetes can be related. Try using one of our high protein, less than 6% starch foods and see how your cat responds in just 60 days.

Limit Starch/Carbs to Prevent Feline Diabetes

With less than 6% Starch/carbohydrates, our cat food will begin your cats journey of getting back to the carnivore diet that nature intended. Feline diabetes and obesity are rare in cats that only consume a carnivore diet. For cats that already have Type 2 Diabetes (insulin shots are not required), less than 1% starch may help manage the disease and help your cat from developing Type 1 Diabetes (insulin shots are required). Try feeding less starch today!

A More Outgoing Personality

Does your cat hide when friends come over to your house? Do they even know you have a cat? When your cat eats better she will be healthier, feel better and you'll enjoy a more playful and outgoing pet. Try feeding your cat better and see how differently they will act in just 3 short weeks.

Grain Free is the BEST Way to Feed Your Cat

Our grain free cat food contains no plant proteins - ZERO. Adding vegetables to cat food is only a marketing gimmick. Cat have no nutritional requirements for vegetables, they are true carnivores. Feed your cat the way Mother Nature intended and your cat will live a long and healthy life.


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