Amazing weight transformation on Young Again 50/22! Before, during & after pics: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months & 7 months

I thought I would share with you the results of having Charlie on the Young Again 50/22 food for about three months. He never did get to like the little bites version so I just ordered some more of the 50/22 and he is very happy now. Pictures are attached! The first one is at the beginning- the before pic, the second one is after a month and the third one is at 3 months. You can see a lot of difference in his face.....and to his joy he can give himself a bath all over now! Thank you so much for your help....Charlie is thankful too!

Blessings, Kriss

UPDATE AT 7 MONTHS Hi! I've sent you several pictures along the way as Charlie has lost weight on the food. Since April, he has consistently been getting more is the most recent picture at 7 months from starting YA. You can even see in his face he has slimmed down.He actually now has shape from his ribs to his tail! Thank you so much for you advice. He is feeling so much better and even plays now!We have done nothing but let him free feed on the YA Kibbles. Amazing!

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