Many experts claim that all dry cat foods contain excess carbohydrates and that dry kibble cannot be made without carbs. Is this true?
How do you determine the amount of carbs in your pet's food and how is starch different?
Can obesity in cats lead to diabetes?
My cat has been diagnosed with idiopathic hypercalcemia. The YA cat food contains DL Methionine and I was told that cats with hypercalcemia should not have have excess DL-Methionine. Is this true?
I have a cat just diagnosed with struvite crystals. How can I prevent them and why did they form in the first place?
How do I choose the right food for my fat kitty?
My cat has soft stool the consistency of mashed potatoes. Is this diarrhea?
Is it normal behavior for cats to prefer to eat the exact same food every single day, every single meal?
What are the most common symptoms of a food allergy in cats?
Is it natural for cats to overeat?
Can I use your food for an IBS/IBD cat?
I have read on several web sites that guar gum is not good for cats and they even quote scientific studies: what is true?
My cat needs to gain weight what can I do to help?
I thought that cats needed to concentrate their urine for good health?
I have a fat kitty in the house what can I do?
My Vet says my cat should eat almost 300 calories each day and that is more than you say a cat will eat of your food free choice in a day. Can you explain why they need fewer calories on your food?
Will a larger kibble size help clean my cat’s teeth?
When I transition my cat to a new food, should I mix the old food with the new food and gradually change them over?
Isn't your food more expensive than most premium cat foods?
I have read that cats cannot digest starch, is this true?
Can Young Again foods be fed to a cat with pancreatitis?
I have read that DL- Methionine should not be used in cat foods, is this true?
Veterinarian testimonial for Diabetic/ UTI Cat
How soon do I need to use up a bag of food after opening?
Why is starch such a big problem for your cat?
My cat just devoured his new food and then the next day he will not touch it, why?
Why are there so many experts that say you cannot feed a kibble food to a diabetic cat, because they all contain too much starch?
Why is my cat overweight?
How many times a day should my cat poop and pee every 24 hours?
My Cat has just been diagnosed with kidney disease; what should I feed?
From 'Pudge-Muffin' to slim and trim
What does a normal healthy poop look like?
OMG! The 50/22 Cat Food is causing the same awful diarrhea as the ZERO did! You have a wonderful or low-carb cat foods. But you NEED to solve the diarrhea problem!
I thought dry food goes off when exposed to air, like wet food only more slowly, and I thought it was best to throw it away if it stays uneaten for a while, not top it off occasionally.
What about bacteria multiplying on the food and in the dishes? Would this cause chin acne?
We have been on Zero Mature Health cat food for quite a while but I see the new LID formula/recipe. Do you think I should try it to give my Milo man some flavor variety?
Does my cat need some starch/carbohydrates in her diet to maintain a healthy blood glucose level?
How can I tell when my cat is constipated?
What are the most common symptoms of a food allergy in cats?
Can I use the flavor enhancer you sell to get my skinny cat to eat more food?
Do you feed a kitten the same way you feed an adult cat?
My vet advised me to NOT use your product for my diabetic cat. The big pet food company's staff nutritionists say it does not meet their nutritional standards. I need information. Help!
Amazing weight transformation on Young Again 50/22! Before, during & after pics: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months & 7 months
How does the ZERO Mature affect constipation problems, and how has it affected other cats with elevated calcium levels?
My cat was diagnosed with early kidney disease and our Vet told us that she now has muscle wasting due to the lower protein diet that was originally prescribed. Low phosphorus diets are important. You have three that have varying phosphorus levels, why?
Should I be concerned with soft stool and how do I fix it?
How long will it take for my cats to adjust to the new food/routine? They both still expect me to add food to a full bowl. I feel like they think I don't care anymore. I don’t want to spoil their transition to the new food and the new way of eating.
Would a wet food help my kidney disease cat stay hydrated?
Will your food cure my cat’s kidney disease? Which of your food is best?
I am currently counting calories for my cats as a way to keep them from getting fat and so far I am feeding each of my four cats around 150 calories per day. Why do cats appear to eat less of your food on a calorie basis?
I just opened the bag of Zero Mature Health and the color is lighter and the kibble is larger. Have you made a change? I want to make sure it's the right food since I have a diabetic cat who is in remission.
I was reading reviews of your foods and many of the comments were about successful weight loss. The last thing we need here for my little asthmatic 7 pound cat is any weight loss. Should I be concerned?
Our cat is in renal failure level 3. The first vet thought it may be genetic, but three other vets suspect environmental causes. One vet suspected the high protein content of the YA food was an exacerbating influence if not more causal. Thoughts?
We have 9 cats ages 9 month to 13 years. All the cats we have had or our friends have had, have always ended up getting fat when free fed. Why does your company stress
Please comment on the below quote I found on a site that promotes raw food for cats.
My cat likes your food, but he has a gum issue and I have been grinding your food into a powder and mixing it with water to form a paste. Is there any problem with what I’m doing?
My cat appears to be drinking more water on your food. What is the proper amount of water a cat should drink?
Is your food approved by AAFCO and has your food gone through an AAFCO feeding trial?
We are feeding our boys your ZERO food. . .this appears to be a special formula. Should we be feeding them the normal 50/22 food?
I see new supplements recommended for our pets. Is it a good idea to supplement glucosamine or chondroitin for my dog? What about cats?
I'm considering your 50/22 Lil Bites for my Russian Blue kitten. He is 10 weeks old. Everything I've read about Russian Blues is that you should not free feed because they will easily overeat. Do you have experience free feeding this particular breed?
My cat has been eating your food for about a week and still has soft stool. I am also feeding him canned food. How can I get him regulated?
If my cat will not eat wet food, how can I get supplements or medications into my cat?
Will freezing pet food extend its shelf life? How should I store my pet food?
My cat turned up his nose at his new food. Should I starve him to get him eating the new food?
I started my 8 cats on your Mature Food and your consumption calculator said that a 25lb bag should last about 42 days. This first bag is only going to last only about 25 days. Could you offer suggestions as to why they are consuming the kibble so fast?
Can I give tuna as a treat to my diabetic cat?
I have an older overweight male kitty and I am awaiting samples from you for him to try. Could I just take away his old food and replace it with your food? Will this quick change over affect how he digests and metabolizes the new food?
What are your thoughts on my Vet's comment below? “This diet is a big change for all the kiddos... consider for the others a gradual transition to new food to decrease GI disturbances.... going cold turkey to such a low carb diet may cause diarrhea.”
What is the digestibility of the protein and amino acids in your cat food? What is the absorption level of the protein by my cat and how much protein is my cat actually receiving each day?
Then for the first time in years, he jumped up onto the table to bask in his favorite sunny spot. He acted YOUNG AGAIN!
Can my cat’s blood glucose drop too low if I feed your high protein, low or no starch food?
Mia my diabetic has transitioned to free feeding. My boy Ollie likes all food a lot and is now only on the ZERO Mature. Between the old food and the new food he has put on too much weight and is now peeing larger amounts. Thoughts?
My cats suffer from significant gingivitis. Do you have foods for cats who need a dental support diet?
I have an older, newly diagnosed diabetic cat who has had issues with severe constipation; sometimes requiring an enema and therefore have only fed canned food. This makes me hesitant about trying your product. Thoughts?
I have a fat kitty. She always makes me feel so guilty that I give in to her demands and she just gets bigger and bigger. What can I do?
I wanted to let you know it potentially will extend the quality of life for ferrets with insulinoma.
I have a fat kitty. She always makes me feel so guilty, I give into her demands and she just gets bigger and bigger.
My cat is half her original size!
No Flaxseed in YA LID Zero Mature.
How often should my cat poop?
Does Young Again qualify as a high protein, low-carb cat food for diabetic cats?
My cat was just diagnosed with diabetes and has ketones in his urine/blood. Can I try your low carb/zero cat food before starting insulin?
Are feline diabetes support groups helpful?
Dry foods for diabetic cats or wet foods?
Why is my cat getting so fat?
Pancreatitis in cats.
What is the life expectancy of cats with diabetes?
Kidney Disease in Cats
Why are there so many terms used when talking about kidney disease in cats?
Should you feed vitamin and mineral supplements to your pets?
Chronic UTI in Cats
Allergies in Cats
Can cats recover from diabetes?
Why does my cat vomit?
I have read that any canned food is better than any dry food. Is this true?
What is Guar Gum? Why do you use it?
Can you give me some information about your ingredients?
What is the difference between “as fed” and “typical dry matter basis” for pet foods?
I have a cat that has issues with hairballs. Do you have a particular cat food formula you would recommend for this?
I found an irregular chunk of something in my last bag of YA cat food that was definitely not a piece of kibble. What is it?
I opened a new bag of YA cat food and my cat stopped eating it after two weeks.
I am wondering if your protein sources are antibiotic and hormone free?
Are your cat foods GMO free?
We have been feeding our senior dog your food for some time now. I would like to know what, if any, ingredients you have that are designed to boost cognitive ability?
Regarding CA Prop 65 Warning
Is hydrolyzed protein easier to for my cat to process? Will that lead to decreasing/stable creatinine levels?
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