Young Again founder, Michael Massie, started making pet food with the simple goal of providing the best possible food for your companion animals. After years of intensive development working with vets and nutritionists, our first products for birds, reptiles and small mammals were introduced in 1990.

Today, we’ve taken all the experience and knowledge gained over the past three decades to create nutritionally complete foods for cats, dogs and ferrets. Much of our success has been built on our unique approach to nutrition. Working with independent vets and nutritionists, researching new ideas and applying the latest technology to make the best food we can for your pets.

Young Again Pet Food was the first to produce a 50% meat-based protein, grain-free cat food with no plant proteins and less than 6% starch/carbs. We were also the first to produce gluten-free diets. We use only the finest, gluten-free and species-appropriate ingredients to provide proper, balanced nutrition. There are no fillers like plant proteins, grains, glutens, peas, beans or other legumes in our pet foods. As a result, even though our bags may be smaller than other products, they can last 40-60% longer which makes our foods a good value. Our proprietary compounds contain molecules that, when joined together, make up the structural units of RNA and DNA which work to help your pet’s immune system operate at peak performance, fight disease and maintain optimal well-being from the inside out. When your pets thrive, they’ll live a longer, happier and healthier life.

To ensure the highest quality and safety in the industry, we operate our own in-house lab to test our products. We also use an independent laboratory that constantly analyzes our products to ensure that they are salmonella free and remain consistent in composition.

Additionally, our in-house toxicology lab screens for toxins. We can further ensure the strictest quality standards because we do not subcontract the manufacture of our foods to other companies. We do everything in-house and strive to offer the best customer service with a helpline to answer all of your questions.

We own and operate our own twin-screw extruders for complete quality control over all of our extruded pelleted-finished products. This allows Young Again to offer top-quality finished products that are well formulated and well manufactured. The added flexibility of this type of extruder also allows us to offer formulated pet foods with an extremely wide range of protein and fat combinations, thereby accurately addressing the special nutritional requirements of many different types and breeds of pets.

Young Again has always been and will always remain committed to providing the best quality nutritionally-balanced products for your pets. By combining state-of-the-art technology along with extensive research and testing, Young Again will continue to develop innovative, nutrient-dense products to help our customers' pets live better lives. Our goal is still to provide the best food, value and service for you and your pets.