CA Prop 65

Young Again has chosen to add the California-mandated Proposition 65 warning information to our pet food labels. This is to shield our company from potential legal challenges that could arise from this complex and ever-changing law. You have no doubt seen this sticker on a multitude of products over the years  ranging from Christmas lights, furniture, consumer goods and pet products. A lawyer only has to claim that we are in violation in order to take us to court. These lawsuits are typically settled out of court, but the time and expense can be devastating to a small company like Young Again. To be clear, none of the contents of our food are on the CA Prop 65 list of harmful ingredients. The statement has merely been added as a precaution so that we can continue to provide our pet food to California residents.

An example of one of these warnings that affects everyone; California has determined that all natural wood shavings, used for animal bedding or even pine pellets used for cat litter, are known to the state of California to cause cancer.

If you go to and check Young Again ingredients against this list, you will see that our food does not contain any of the included items. We use only lab-tested, safe ingredients approved by AAFCO, the US Government agency responsible for approving pet food ingredients and the gold standard for pet food ingredient safety.

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California Prop 65 Warning