Are feline diabetes support groups helpful?

Generally speaking support groups provide valued information on how to deal with a diabetic cat. They can give you a recommendation for glucose meters and even explain how take a blood a sample. You can also pose a question and then you will receive responses from people that have gone through what you are currently experiencing. Keep in mind that many of these support groups or a popular “Forum for Diabetic cats” or a “Diabetes Cat Care Forum” are made up of normal people, each with their own view.


Even some of the site owners are not always current with the latest research. For example, numerous sites will state that you cannot feed any dry food to a diabetic cat because they contain large amounts of carbs. Although this statement is often true it is not true when it comes to our Young Again Zero foods, which all contain less than 1% carbs. Very few wet foods contain as few carbs as our Zero foods for diabetic cats and our high remission rates back this up. Not only are the Zero foods convenient to fed, they are excellent for all the other cats you may have in your home.

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