Are your cat foods GMO free?

GMOs are only present in plants. Even if you test a GMO-free grain, it may test positive for GMOs because the pollen from GMO crops in the area can be transferred by the wind, birds and bees to NON-GMO fields. At Young Again, we only use meat protein sources (NO GRAINS OR PLANT PROTEINS, SO NO GMO) in all of our ZERO cat foods. The GMO discussion isn't applicable to meat in that it is unlikely GMOs would transfer into the meat of an animal from digestion. Having said that, we have no way to track what type of plant material the animals were fed. While we understand your concerns, it is unlikely that any company could claim absolutely no GMO contamination. All of the meat proteins we feed come from animals intended for human consumption. The requirements and laws are very strict for meats in the U.S. Young Again Ingredients & Sourcing.

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