Can cats recover from diabetes?

Many cats newly diagnosed with diabetes will go into nutrition-based remission when the cat is switched to a properly balanced carnivore diet. For best results, the diet should contain less than 1% starch/carbs and should be made with animal protein and fat. The protein must be in balance with the fat to be effective. A good rule of thumb is 2 parts proteins and 1 part fat. For example, 54-58% protein to 24-28% fat on a dry matter basis is best. Dry matter is where a company shows the typical analysis of the food once all the moisture has been removed. This is the best way to compare what you are actually feeding your cat.


Many Vets opt for a carnivore diet change prior to starting insulin to see if remission is likely. Other times, insulin is necessary along with the diet change because the diabetes is more severe. Generally, if the blood glucose is in the 400’s or higher and or the cat has secondary symptoms like ketones or neuropathy, it will be necessary to begin insulin.


Of course, if your cats had been fed a carnivore diet through their life, they may have not developed diabetes in the first place. It is never too late to start feeding your felines the way nature intended.

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