Can my cat’s blood glucose drop too low if I feed your high protein, low or no starch food?

No, your cat’s blood glucose level will not drop too low on our foods. The only way you can force a low blood glucose is to inject too much insulin. Meat protein is what your cat was meant to consume and is the best and healthiest choice for them.

Your cat has no nutritional requirement for starch or carbohydrates in their daily diet. Starch digests much faster than protein and can rapidly increase your cat’s blood glucose (BG). All cats are obligate carnivores and can easily convert protein directly into BG. The conversion of protein to BG happens at about the same rate that your cat uses that glucose to fuel their body’s metabolic needs. Starch on the other hand can flood your cat’s blood with excessive glucose causing dramatic spikes in BG.

Constantly high blood glucose levels will eventually tax and or damage the pancreas. At some point the pancreas fails to keep up with the high glucose levels caused by consuming excessive starch and your cat becomes diabetic. Feeding starch to an existing diabetic cat will generally only increase your cats need for increased levels of insulin, in order to maintain the desired blood glucose level.

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