Can Young Again foods be fed to a cat with pancreatitis?

Yes, our LID ZERO Mature Health diet is likely the best choice followed by our other Mature Health formulas. Many cats suffering from pancreatitis also suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS) and liver disease. The fiber source for the LID diet is psyllium fiber which is gentle on the digestive tract and works well for IBS cats. The LID also uses only hydrolyzed animal protein which is both hypoallergenic and much easier to digest than other proteins. All of our Mature Health diets have lower levels of ash and reduced levels of specific minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

An energy dense food high in protein and fat are perfect for your carnivore cat and allows them to eat many small nutrient dense meals every day. Small meals that digest slowly are a great tool in helping to manage Pancreatitis and IBS

There is no benefit in feeding starch to any cat and it would be best if you didn’t feed it to a cat with pancreatitis. Starch digests much more quickly than protein, dumping excess glucose into the blood steam. Excess blood glucose requires the pancreas to work harder, producing more insulin to remove the excess glucose from the blood.

Often pancreatic cats do not produce enough enzymes to digest their food properly. All of the Young Again diets contain enzymes which aid in digestion.

Most pancreatic attacks take on the form of inflammation. For your cat to get better, you need to reduce the stress on their pancreas. Our food will help with all of these needs.

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