Chronic UTI in Cats

Common reasons for UTI in felines:

  1. You are feeding a diet too high in digestible carbs/starch. Foods high in starch/carbs can create multiple health issues. Switch your cat to a carnivore-based diet. Research has shown that as the starch content of a diet increases your cats water consumption decreases. Drinking less water will concentrate the urine and concentrated urine is more likely to precipitate stones or crystals. Diets high in starch/carbs have also been linked to pre-diabetes and diabetes in cats. FELINE HYDRATION, FELINE DIABETES

  2. You are feeding a mature cat a diet designed for a cat still growing bone. Your cat is 'mature' as soon as it is done growing bone. For most breeds, maturity occurs by 18 months of age. For larger breeds like the Maine Coon it can be three to five years. Feeding a mature cat excess minerals their body no longer needs can contribute to the formation of stones and crystals and excess phosphorus can contribute to kidney disease. UROLITHS AND YOUR CAT.

  3. You are feeding a diet that produces improper urine pH. Stones and crystals can form when the urine pH is either too acidic or too alkaline. A urine pH of 6.3 - 6.5 is considered ideal. FELINE KIDNEY DISEASE

  4. You are using a water fountain with a carbon filter. Unless you are able to sterilize the unit including the tubing, motor impeller and the carbon filter at least twice a week, you run the risk of growing bacteria that could cause a urinary tract infection. Bacterial infections are often unrelated to food, but water fountains should be considered. Is your pet's drinking water safe?
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