Dry foods for diabetic cats or wet foods?

The old rule of thumb was that all dry cat foods had to contain abundant carbohydrates in order to form a pellet. Although this is still true for the vast majority of cat foods available today, it is not true for the Young Again Zero line of foods. Our Zero foods all contain less than 1% carbs or to be more accurate less than 1% starch.


It is surprising how most cats prefer dry food over wet food as their main source of nutrition. Of course, dry food is easier to feed and always has the same texture, which is one of the reasons why cats like it so much. Our special manufacturing process allows us to make a carnivore cat food without all the digestible carbs that your cat does not need and should not have. This means that your cats metabolism will run as nature intended and you will have a healthier pet.


Dry foods (absent all the carbs) are better for your diabetic cat, because they can graze or consume many small meals throughout the day and night. Small frequent meals are the best way to ensure a consistent and steady blood glucose level all day and night. Consistent blood glucose levels are necessary because the insulin you are using is designed to be time released over 12 hours. The consistency of the food consumed matching the release of insulin, can greatly help your cat to attain remission.


Wet cat foods seldom offer many benefits for the diabetic cat, as most now contain an abundance of carbs. The other disadvantage is most people only feed wet food twice a day and yet the time released insulin lasts 12 hours per injection. Wet food does make for a great treat, provided that you can find one with no carbs. If your cat is eating our Zero food free choice then a 1/6 of a 3oz can of wet food fed twice a day will not alter the effectiveness of the Zero food. Remember when a cat has free access to our food they are never hungry. If you give them too much canned food, then they are likely overeating and overeating will spike their blood glucose.


Yes, you can feed our Zero food and help your cat into remission or help them to better control their need for insulin.

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