I am currently counting calories for my cats as a way to keep them from getting fat and so far I am feeding each of my four cats around 150 calories per day. Why do cats appear to eat less of your food on a calorie basis?

Calorie counting with our food does not follow the same rules that were established years ago with the feeding of non-carnivore starch laden diets. A protein and fat based diet with less than 6% starch will digest differently than a diet containing more than 10% starch. Almost all cats will consume less of our food and therefore consume fewer calories. Starch based diets usually lead to over consumption of food and a slow and gradual weight gain.

We have thousands of obese cats that we have helped to attain their proper weight; this is a subject we are very familiar with. Most cats are able to eat our food free choice and are able to maintain the proper body weight, even if they are overweight when starting our food. If you feel that your cat cannot self-regulate their food consumption and they need to be on a restricted feeding scheduled, then please contact us and we will design a feeding program for your cat's needs.

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