I am wondering if your protein sources are antibiotic and hormone free?

The meat sources in our dog and cat foods are chicken meal, hydrolyzed pork and herring meal. All three come from USDA and/or FDA approved human-grade food manufacturing facilities. Federal law prohibits the use of hormones on hogs and poultry for human consumption. All meat should be free of antibiotic residues, so it should all be 'antibiotic free.' Farmers may choose to use antibiotics to treat or prevent sickness in animals. Even if an animal is given an antibiotic, farmers and processors must allow a specific amount of time to pass before that animal is legal to use in food products. This 'withdrawal period' allows time for the animal’s body to metabolize the antibiotic and the residues to exit the animal’s system. USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) randomly samples to test for residues, to ensure a safe food supply.

The chicken meal is comprised of meat and bone. Bone is a natural ingredient that supplies the perfect ratio of minerals your pet needs to produce and maintain their own bones. The herring we use consists of the whole fish, ground to a meal.

Hydrolyzed pork is highly digestible protein derived from the belly of the hog. It is 80% protein and 12% fat and does not contain bone or organs. Hydrolyzed pork is very low in ash and when combined with chicken and herring, produces a balanced mineral and amino acid profile for your pet’s health and longevity. It is an expensive choice that we feel is well worth it to create our nutrient-rich pet foods.

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