I found an irregular chunk of something in my last bag of YA cat food that was definitely not a piece of kibble. What is it?

QUESTION: I have been buying cat food from you for about a year and a half. I have seven cats and they are all doing very well on this diet, two of them have chronic health problems that have improved greatly and another one who was overweight has been slimming down nicely. Our vet has been impressed. I buy 25 lb bags and near the middle of the most recent bag, I found a small chunk of something that was definitely not a piece of kibble. It was an irregular chunk about the size of a regular aspirin, uniform medium green in color. What was it?

ANSWER: Occasionally you may find an odd piece of food that is different in your cat food. Sometimes it may be a small shape or a piece of broken food that is colored. We prefer that these never show up in our bags of cat food but occasionally they do. Rest assured they are harmless. We own our own manufacturing plant and we make over 100 formulas for many different animals. Once in a while, a piece of one of our other foods will get caught up in the equipment and fall into a cat food run. We have over 400 feet of conveyers that move food to different packaging bins and stations. With a system this complex, there is no way to insure that the odd piece will not find its way into a bag. All of our conveyers are enclosed and sanitary so there is no health concern for your cat. As you have been with us for some time, you will notice that this is your first odd kibble experience. Our Quality Control Department works diligently to prevent this from happening. Most cats will not eat the odd piece, but if they do, there is no health concern for your cat. All of our foods are manufactured with high quality, human grade ingredients.

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