I have an older, newly diagnosed diabetic cat who has had issues with severe constipation; sometimes requiring an enema and therefore have only fed canned food. This makes me hesitant about trying your product. Thoughts?

We have had many calls like yours and have never seen our food increase constipation in any cat. Even cats with mega colon do well on our foods. Since you have been feeding on a schedule I might start our food off the same way and then when all is stable go to free choice feeding. Our foods contain less than 1% starch and normal cats will drink the right amount of water and will remain fully hydrated. Starch actually causes cats to reduce their water consumption and that can lead to concentrated urine and less moisture in the stool. If you are concerned with the transition, you ask your Vet's opinion about using a stool softener for a week or two while you are transitioning to the new food. Once your cat is stable with the new food, you could gradually reduce the stool softener. The Zero or the Zero Mature Health are your best choices since both have 2 types of fiber in them. The crude fiber is a little more than 3% and the soluble fiber is a little less than 5%. If your cat responds better to soluble fiber vs. crude fiber, then the LID Mature Health would be a better choice. We only use Psyllium fiber in the LID formula. We have a great deal of experience with diabetic cats and our food; please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

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