I see new supplements recommended for our pets. Is it a good idea to supplement glucosamine or chondroitin for my dog? What about cats?

You are correct. Many companies are adding glucosamine and chondroitin to our pet’s food or individuals are using them as a daily supplement in pill form. We see no harm in doing this, but we seldom see a significant benefit for the pet. Some companies use the HCL form instead of the Sulfate form because, the HCL does not adsorb moisture from the air and has a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, the sulfate form is the one that shows the most promise in published studies.

We use a proprietary Bioceutical that is Nucleotide-based and works by building new tissue in the body, any “new tissue” that the body may need. In the case of joint inflammation, the body is demanding resources to repair the damage and thereby reduce the inflammation and pain. If you can repair the damage or keep up with repairs then the inflammation is reduced. The Bioceuticals go to the point of greatest need first. If the pet had an infection, it would be more critical than the joint and the body’s resources would be sent first to the fight the infection. Basically, the Bioceuticals act as high tech building blocks which form the foundation of all living cells. Give the body extra building blocks and it will use them wherever will be of the most benefit.

Our Bioceuticals are derived from fractionated yeast and are included in the food at high levels. If the body has no use for all of the Bioceuticals, they are not adsorbed in the stomach and are digested as a protein source by the GI tract.

Many pets with joint inflammation will be off their anti-inflammatory meds within about 5 weeks. The usual comments we hear from clients are "my old dog is acting like he's years younger." Many times dogs that could barely go for a short walk will run and play again. Cats generally are able to jump up on counters and beds again.

The Bioceuticals also help with the overall health of your dog or cat. Their coat will become very soft and luxurious. The coat change happens when they have repaired all internal structures and have additional resources that they can use to build the perfect coat, to better protect them from the environment.

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