I was reading reviews of your foods and many of the comments were about successful weight loss. The last thing we need here for my little asthmatic 7 pound cat is any weight loss. Should I be concerned?

No worries, they only lose excess fat not muscle. In fact, most cats will gain muscle. Your cat will usually attain her perfect hunting weight within 4 months of feeding our food. Her body form will be lean, well-muscled and she will look like a runner. I know many people think a little extra fat on their cat is a good thing, but unfortunately this is not true. Cats were meant to be lean and they stay at their healthiest when they are.

The reason you read so many reviews about cats dropping fat on our food, is because more than 60% of today’s cats are fat. Many clients come to us because no other food will work for their cat. Most cats that are fat also tend to have lower than normal muscle mass. It is not uncommon for clients to report that their cat is no longer round and yet their weight remained the same. As the cat lost the excess fat, they gained a similar amount of muscle. There is no downside for your cat when they replace fat with muscle.

Overweight cats overeat, that is why they are obese. When you first convert to our food they will also overeat our food and their stool will soften and often times look like mashed potatoes. This is not harmful and it will correct once your cat learns to eat less. The label on the back of the bag or our transition page on our web site or the blog will show you how to easily fix this issue.

Starch is a great stool binder and protein and fat are not. When a cat overeats a higher starch diet all you get is a fat cat more susceptible to conditions like diabetes. High protein and fat diets, when over eaten usually just cause soft stool and in rare instances weight gain. The good news is you can easily see your cat is overeating and  take steps to fix the issue before it develops into a problem.

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