I'm considering your 50/22 Lil Bites for my Russian Blue kitten. He is 10 weeks old. Everything I've read about Russian Blues is that you should not free feed because they will easily overeat. Do you have experience free feeding this particular breed?

We have many Russian Blue kitties that are able to eat our food free choice and still maintain perfect weight. Try free feeding and if a problem begins then you can always go to restricted feeding. We find that restricted feeding is only necessary in less than 2% of all cats. The typical cat that cannot adjust to free feeding, is usually a rescue found starving and is frightened of new situations.

We do not recommend our Little Bites food for kittens older than 7 weeks. Most cats find it too small and refuse to eat it. Abyssinians are one of the few exceptions and even adults often prefer the Little Bites food.

Our  50/22 formula for most kittens and at a year old, you could switch to our ZERO formula if you thought they needed to be slimmer. Once your cats are done growing bone and considered mature, you would then want to feed them our ZERO Mature Health. The lower levels of phosphorus and other key nutrients in the ZERO Mature Health will help protect their long term urinary tract and kidney health.

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