Isn't your food more expensive than most premium cat foods?

Our most expensive ZERO food will only cost about .54ยข a day to feed the average 10 pound cat. The least expensive low starch canned food will cost about $1.12 a day. Diabetic veterinary canned foods containing more than 8% carbs will cost almost $2 a day and premium low carb canned foods can cost more than $5 a day to feed a 10 pound cat. Our food may look expensive, but an 8 pound bag will last the average 10 pound cat up to 100 days when fed free choice. Most pet store brands of cat food will actually cost more to feed since cats almost always overeat high starch/carb foods.

An 8 pound bag of leading brand cat foods will generally last the average 10 pound cat about 6 weeks, an 8 pound bag of Young Again should last about 12 weeks.

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