My cat has been eating your food for about a week and still has soft stool. I am also feeding him canned food. How can I get him regulated?

Soft stool on our food is almost always a sign of a cat that is eating too much food. Protein and fat are not as good a stool binder as carbs and as they overeat our food the stool will soften. Most cats will figure out how to eat our food properly within two weeks; others will need some additional help from you. Overeating is generally easy to solve and will require you to take specific steps to help your cat learn to eat properly. There is a science to how your cat perceives the abundance of their food supply and the environment they live in. Please review the back label on the bag as it goes into great detail about bowl type, size, fill rate, bowl placement and other helpful hints on getting cats to eat correctly. The same information is also available on our web site. Here.

You may continue giving him the canned food. We always say that cats can’t count, so they seldom see any difference between feeding a spoonful and feeding a whole can of wet food. As long as our food is left out all the time they will be able to eat whenever they are hungry. The act of giving them a spoon full of canned food is usually enough to satisfy their existing expectations. Please only feed canned foods that contain only animal protein and no plant products other than fiber sources.

Once you get the free feeding correct the soft stool will usually correct within a few days. Most cats seldom take longer than two weeks to correct.

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