My cat likes your food, but he has a gum issue and I have been grinding your food into a powder and mixing it with water to form a paste. Is there any problem with what I’m doing?

There is no problem with adding water to our food and feeding it as a paste. The only potential problem would be bacterial growth if the wet food is left out for more than 3 hours. The same advice would apply to canned foods. Wet food is best consumed soon after it is prepared or opened.

On another note our kibble is small enough for most cats to swallow whole. Most cats prefer to swallow their food whole and your cat should as well. If the chewing of the food caused him discomfort, he should quickly learn to swallow it whole.

Swallowing the food whole would also prevent most food particles from becoming lodged between the teeth and gums, thereby helping with the gum condition.

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