My cat needs to gain weight what can I do to help?

Feed a properly balanced carnivore diet that contains only animal protein and fat and contains less than 6% starch/carbs. It’s that simple. Basically, you are going back to the carnivore diet that nature has been providing for our cats. We recommend feeding a roughly 54% protein, 24% fat and less than 6% starch/carb kibble free choice (food available at all times) and supplement a starch free canned food for treats or as you see fit.

For the canned food to maintain proper body mass, it should contain at least 12% protein and 6% fat. It is important that protein to fat ratios be about 2 to 1. Balance is key in maintaining a healthy cat. If the fat is too high your cat can actually lose weight. Once you get the nutrition right, you will quickly see proper weight, more physical activity, a softer coat and a more social cat. Cats also consume 40-60% less of this type of food vs. high carb alternatives.

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