My cat turned up his nose at his new food. Should I starve him to get him eating the new food?

No. You must never let your cats go longer than 12 hours without food or you run the risk of serious medical issues developing, like liver damage.

Most cats refuse to eat something new because it is unfamiliar and they are suspicious of it. It seldom has anything to do with flavor. If the new flavor is very convincing it can override their natural caution and they will dive in. Of course this extreme flavor could also result in overeating. For most cats new is something to be regarded with suspicion. They think maybe this new food is dangerous and they decide to stick with the old tried and true. It is now your responsibility to show them that this new food is safe; depending on the cat, this can take a few days or up to two weeks to accomplish.

We have some sure fire ways to get difficult cats eating correctly. Here.

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