My vet advised me to NOT use your product for my diabetic cat. The big pet food company's staff nutritionists say it does not meet their nutritional standards. I need information. Help!

"We hear this a lot with regard to the large pet food companies promoting their starch filled foods for diabetic cats. If the company has such a large staff of nutritionists, why are they recommending the feeding of starch to any cat? Especially, a diabetic cat? All cats are obligate carnivores and by scientific classification and definition have no nutritional requirement for starch.

The usual reasoning put forward is that since you are injecting insulin, you must feed before each injection and the food needs to have starch in it to balance the insulin shot. This might be true if someone was planning on using a non-timed release insulin, which most people would never consider doing. Mostly, they are just marketing their high starch kibble foods.

Young Again's regular foods contain less than 6% starch, but we do not even recommend those for diabetic cats. Our ZERO foods with less than 1% starch have the highest remission rates for newly diagnosed diabetic cats and is the only Young Again kibble we recommend for feeding a diabetic cat.

We have lots of additional information, but many vets are not open to making changes. You will likely need to make the decision yourself or get a second opinion like you would do if you were confronted with a serious medical condition.

We would be happy to speak with your vet on this topic at their convenience. A high number of newly diagnosed diabetic cats go into remission within days to a few months of beginning our food. A web search for reviews of our food vs. the foods many vets recommend will bring you to many feline diabetes forums and other cat owners who have had great success with our ZERO Cat Food formulas.

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