No Flaxseed in YA LID Zero Mature.

I just wanted to say thank you for your new LID ZERO Mature food for cats. We have tried so many different hypo-allergenic limited ingredient diets for my older cats, and you are one of two companies who hasn't jumped on the trend bandwagon by putting flaxseed in your products, which is very hyper-allergenic to people and animals. All of the lid diets we have tried have started adding flaxseed and it makes my cats itch so bad that they tear themselves to shreds. Thank you again for paying attention by using quality species appropriate/low carb ingredients, especially for those who have multiple issues like my cats with urinary tract, allergy, and FIV problems. Currently my guys eat your LID Zero Mature and a wet Kangaroo diet from Rayne.

Cheryl B.

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