Should I be concerned with soft stool and how do I fix it?

When a cat overeats our food, they will generally have a stool that is soft and has the consistency of mashed potatoes. The soft stool is the result of eating excess protein and not being able to digest all of it. Protein is not as good a binder as starch and excess protein in the stool will cause the stool to soften. Soft stool is not harmful, but it does smell and efforts have to be made to correct it. You would think that soft stool is not good, however, it does let you know that your cat is overeating and you now have the opportunity to fix it before a more serious medical problem develops. Better to teach your kitty how to eat properly now than to suffer potential health issues in the future. We have many recommendations for correcting this problem in the behavior and in the Food and Feeding section on this topic.

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