We are feeding our boys your ZERO food. . .this appears to be a special formula. Should we be feeding them the normal 50/22 food?

Our 50/22 Cat Food will work for all life stages, but is required for kittens still growing bone. Our standard ZERO formula can also be fed to a growing kitten.

Either Mature Health or ZERO Mature Health would be a better option if your cats are older and done growing bone. For example, the standard short hair kitty is fully mature at 2 years of age while the Maine Coon may not be mature until they are 5 years old. Our Mature foods all contain lower levels of key minerals, especially phosphorus. Low phosphorus is very important in promoting long term kidney health. Low minerals may also help in the avoidance of crystals.

Our ZERO formulas may be fed to all cats, but should be the only choice for diabetic cats. Our ZERO formulas all contain less than 1% starch and are an excellent choice for your meat loving cat.

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