We have 9 cats ages 9 month to 13 years. All the cats we have had or our friends have had, have always ended up getting fat when free fed. Why does your company stress

The vast majority of cats are able to eat our foods free choice as we recommend. Free feeding works with our food because there is so little starch in our food. However, it seldom works with the average cat food because they almost always contain 15-35 percent starch. Your cat is a carnivore and was never meant to consume starch. When you feed your cat starch it tends to alter their metabolism and that in turn causes a slow and study weight gain.

We have loads of information on our web site on this topic. We have articles on obesity in the cat care section and more information on our blog under the obesity, nutrition and ingredient sections.

There are, however, a few cats that are never able to be fed free choice. They are usually rescues that were found starving or are cats with dominance issues within the group. For these over-eaters we have a restricted feeding program that is easy to feed and keeps your cats satisfied, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

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