We have been on Zero Mature Health cat food for quite a while but I see the new LID formula/recipe. Do you think I should try it to give my Milo man some flavor variety?

Cats really don’t mind eating the same main stay food every day. Daily variety of food types is more of a human notion. Often time’s cats resist change because what they have been eating or doing has been safe and cats are content when nothing much changes in their environment. If what you are doing is not broke I would leave well enough alone.

However, once in a while cats will become temperamental for no apparent reason and suddenly decide that a food they have eaten for years is unacceptable. If this were to happen, you could use our new LID as a backup food.

Any time a cat goes off their food it is always a good idea to see your Vet. Two common reasons for going off a food are bad teeth and a potassium deficiency. About 30% of elderly cats can suffer from a potassium deficiency at some point in their life. The deficiency is not food related and can be easily rectified with a paste supplement from your Vet.  

The LID may have additional benefits for a special needs cat. The food can encourage weight gain in older cats that have what we like to call Skinny Old Cat Syndrome or for cats with digestion issues like IBS, chronic diarrhea or ingredient allergies.

Cats do enjoy additional variety added to their lives outside of their main diet. New toys or games are often important for your cat’s needs. I like to use treats for variety. Freeze dried chicken or salmon can be fun for them. A spoon full of canned food that does not have starch in it will work. We always tell people that cats can’t count so a spoon full is just as appreciated as a whole can of food. It’s not the volume of food you give them it is the act of giving and sharing with them that is important to them.

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