What does a normal healthy poop look like?

If your kitty is eating a carnivore diet with less than 6% starch, their poop will generally be the size and diameter of a 200 pound man’s index finger for the average 10 pound cat. It will be very firm, well segmented and will range from dark brown to almost black in color.

If your cat is eating a high starch/carb diet full of plant material, his poop will generally be up to twice as large as a 200 pound man’s index finger and will generally be tan in color. Cats on high starch/carb diets will typically poop twice as often as cats consuming a carnivore diet with less than 6% starch.

Small hard poops are not a sign of constipation and are instead a sign of a well digested diet. It is perfectly natural to have small hard poops. As long as litter will stick to the poop it is not too dry. What is not natural is to have large somewhat soft poops. Formed poops that are large and soft do not always excerpt enough pressure on the anal/scent gland, thereby preventing the gland from emptying properly. If the anal/scent gland does not empty properly when your cat poops, it may cause your cat pain or may develop into an infection. Constipation should be considered if your cat has not pooped in 72 hours or the cat is straining when they poop.

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