What is the digestibility of the protein and amino acids in your cat food? What is the absorption level of the protein by my cat and how much protein is my cat actually receiving each day?

The overall protein digestibility of our foods will generally be in excess of 97% and all of the amino acids we use have a protein digestibility of 99%.

We balance the protein level and the amino acid profile of our foods to the body composition of a juvenile mouse. Lysine, tryptophan and taurine are added to meet that amino acid profile. Our dry matter analysis for protein runs roughly 58% for our ZERO foods and all of the protein is from animal sources. Our food will have the highest level of amino acids appropriate for your carnivore cat when compared to other premium cat foods that may contain plant proteins.

Since all proteins are made up of amino acids, the higher the protein level of the diet, the higher the level of each individual amino acid within that diet. It would be impossible for a 40% protein cat food to have higher levels of all the amino acids vs. a 58% protein diet, when both are made with animal protein.

The average 10 pound cat will consume about 35 grams of our food a day. At 58% protein your cat will be consuming about 20 grams of protein each day. Of that 20g of protein your cat will digest and utilize, for body functions, about 19.6g.

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