What is the life expectancy of cats with diabetes?

There is no reason that a cat with diabetes can’t go on to live a normal, full life. How long can your cat live with diabetes? It depends entirely on how you chose to take care of your new patient. The very first thing you need to do is change their diet to a no carb carnivore food. Young Again has a line of ZERO cat foods ideal for helping cats achieve remission. Our ZERO foods contain less than 1% digestible starch and are a great choice for all cats in your home and should be the only option for your diabetic cat. For full-grown cats done growing bone, our ZERO Mature diets are the best choice for your diabetic cat. It is low in phosphorus which is critical for future kidney health. Cats that are diabetic have an increased risk of developing kidney disease or chronic renal failure (CRF). Feeding a food low in phosphorus is a must for all mature cats. If you have a kitten in the house, feed our regular ZERO cat food.


Many cats will go into diabetic remission when fed a carnivore diet containing less than 1% starch/carbs. Often times clients will choose to try the ZERO food before medication to see if remission is likely. A food first option should only be tried if blood glucose levels are less than 400 and there are no secondary medical concerns, such as neuropathy or ketones found at the time of diagnosis. Please refer to our diabetes page for more information.

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