Will your food cure my cat’s kidney disease? Which of your food is best?

Our food will work well for a kidney cat, but no food will cure kidney disease. There are several important points that must be keep in mind. First and foremost, the diet must be low in Phosphorus. Low appetite in kidney cats is common so they must like the diet. It usually does not matter if the diet is wet or dry. Highly digestible animal protein is a better choice than plant protein. Hydrolyzed protein sources are better than non-hydrolyzed. The diet should be high in both energy and protein. The protein to fat ratio should be roughly 2 parts protein to 1 part fat for proper balance. Low protein diets tend to cause loss of muscle mass in cats.

I would recommend our LID Mature formula. Hydrolyzed protein is the only protein source in this diet. Hydrolyzed protein is easy to digest and will have the least impact on your cats kidney function and will help maintain muscle mass at the same time. I would also recommend that you read up on the nucleotides in our foods. They are very effective in all cats but especially helpful for medically compromised cats.

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