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There are two ways to feed Young Again Cat Food:

RESTRICTED FEEDING: (A MEASURED AMOUNT of food for your cat throughout the day) If you currently restrict the amount of food you feed your cat including wet food, we recommend you continue to restrict feed our food as well. Feeding a pre-measured amount of food divided into two to three feedings per day is ideal. Give them their first feeding in the morning, another small portion when you arrive home from work and the remaining larger portion just before bed. The chart below shows the total amount of food to feed per day based on your cat’s weight.

  • 8 Pound Cat – Level 1/4 Cup (36g)
  • 10 Pound Cat Rounded 1/4 Cup (45g)
  • 12 Pound Cat – Level 1/3 Cup (54g)
  • 15 Pound Cat – Rounded 1/3 Cup (63g)
  • 20-25 Pound Cat – Level 1/2 Cup (72g)
  • For Maine Coons and other giant breeds add ¼ cup to each of above daily measures for 12 pounds and up.

The amount of food we recommend may not seem like it is enough, but nutritionally-dense Young Again Cat Food will keep your feline full and satisfied. If your cat begs for food, increase the amount you feed by a tablespoon. If your cat is experiencing soft stool, lower the amount you are feeding by a tablespoon. When making changes to the amount of food, allow two days for your cat’s system to adjust.

FREE CHOICE FEEDING: (A FULL BOWL of food available for your cat at all times) If your cat immediately accepts our food, the transition is done. Simply take away their old food and replace it with Young Again. If you find your cat is eating more than 15 or 20 pieces of food when you first introduce them to Young Again, take your cat to another room and distract her with playtime. By the time the play session is over, your cat will feel satisfied and the next time she’s hungry, the food will not be such a novelty.

If your cat is a grazer throughout the day, free-choice feeding is best. Put out at least one FULL bowl of food for every cat in your home. If you have more than four cats, you can generally limit the maximum number of bowls to five. Even though your cats may appear to get along, they will almost always have food competition issues. Keeping multiple, full bowls of food around the house should eliminate most overeating issues due to food competition. Food dishes should never be less than half full. If your cats can see the bottom of the bowl, they may think food is in short supply and overeat. Place the food bowls around the house in rooms that don’t see a lot of activity and so that they are not visible from any of the other food dishes.

Use bowls that are 8-10 inches across and about 1 inch deep. We like the Corelle 20oz/591ml Winter Frost White bowl. Do not use those cute little 4-inch cat dishes commonly sold in pet stores. When using multiple food bowls, one or more bowls will usually empty faster than others. It is a good idea to fill the fast emptying bowls from the bowls that empty more slowly, so as not to waste food. The new food is always added to the slow bowls. Food rotation will maintain freshness and no food should be allowed to remain out for more than 7 days.

My cat doesn’t want to eat YA. . . now what?
Try grinding Young Again kibble into a powder and dust it on their old food. Gradually increase the level of powdered Young Again until there is more dust than will stick to their old kibble. Do this for a week. The second week, place Young Again food in their bowl, grind their old food into a powder and add more powdered food than will stick to the Young Again kibble. As your cat becomes more familiar with our food, reduce the amount of powder until the transition is complete.

Converting a stubborn cat to YA using wet food.
Grind Young Again kibble into a powder and mix a pinch into your cat’s wet food and slowly increase each time you feed. Once you reach 2 parts wet food to 1 part Young Again kibble powder. Put out a bowl of Young Again Cat Food but continue adding the powder to their wet food until they are routinely eating our kibble. A minimum of two weeks is recommended to make the transition. Two tablespoons of our food is the nutritional equivalent of a 3 ounce can of wet food; the more powdered food you add to the wet food, the less your cat will need to eat. Cutting back on the wet food will also encourage them to start eating Young Again kibble.

Does your cat have loose stool?
Soft stool is most often the result of overconsumption of our nutrient-dense food. Please refer to the restricted feeding section above.

STORAGE: Keep the Young Again Cat Food in a cool dark place and leave in the original packaging. Oil from the food will coat other pet food containers and will go rancid over time, contaminating new food when it is placed into the old container. If you are still unsuccessful transitioning your cat with one of these options, please contact us. Flavor packets are available to make our food even more appealing to a finicky feline.

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