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Is DL- Methionine safe in my cat's food?

If your cat is deficient in methionine their health will be compromised. Methionine is an essential amino acid that cannot be produced by the body. Therefore, it is crucial that your cat consumes the required amount of methionine each meal to maintain proper health.

Cats were meant to consume small prey animals so we’ve based the nutrient profile of Young Again cat foods on a juvenile mouse. The mouse is made up of high levels of methionine. We use just enough methionine to balance the amino acid profile of our foods to duplicate the mouse model. The typical mouse is 52-58% protein, 22-28% fat and 3-6% starch. The average cat food sold today is usually less than 40% protein, much lower in fat and contains up to 30% starch/carbs.


Some companies use methionine to acidify their foods. By acidifying the food they are able to acidify the cat’s urine. This practice is common when they are trying to dissolve struvite crystals. However, if your cat’s urine maintains too low a pH, they run the risk of developing calcium oxalate crystals.


Because Young Again cat foods are nutritionally-balanced, your cat will naturally maintain a healthy urine pH of 6.5 making it unlikely he will develop struvite crystals or calcium oxalate stones, the two most common crystals and stones seen in cats today. And, since our foods duplicate the natural diet of cats, they perform as nature intended leaving you with a healthier, happier cat.


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