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What should you feed your dog?

Your dog is a carnivore. As such, nature intended him to eat meat as a primary source of nutrition with a lesser amount of starch/carbohydrates. Young Again Dog Food formulas have more meat protein in every bite than they do starch/carbohydrates. Excess starch/carbohydrates are a contributing factor to obesity in many dogs. In addition, Young Again uses only 100% meat proteins with no plant protein, grains or glutens which are often a source of allergies in dogs.


Nutrition as nature intended

Young Again Dog Food gives your dog 100% of the balanced nutrition he needs to stay lean, energized and healthy – with no gluten or plant proteins and limited starch/carbs. Dogs love the naturally meaty flavor. Plus, Young Again Dog Food may also help with hip and joint problems, allergic sensitivities, digestive issues and other conditions like skin and coat issues. Best of all, our food is made in Minnesota in our own facility.

Why do so many dog food companies include so many

plant products?

Simple. Plant proteins, glutens and carbs are cheap and meat protein is expensive.

Unfortunately, most dog foods sold today contain 40% to 50% starch/carbs. No wonder

so many of our beloved companions are overweight and at risk for joint disorders,

obesity and many other diseases. Young Again premium dog food diets contain as little as 20% digestible carbs. It costs a little more, but your dog’s health is the driving force behind our business and the reason why we work so hard to make the very best food possible.



Balanced energy from less food

Proteins digest many times more slowly than starch/carbs. Because our dog food is higher in meat protein (and not starch/carbs), it stays with your dog longer throughout the day. As a result, with Young Again Dog Food, your dog will have more energy, remain satisfied longer and may not want or need to eat as often. Also, in many cases, dogs (especially if they are obese) will consume less Young Again food than other foods with grains, glutens and other fillers that add unnecessary, fast-burning carbs.


The best dog food is also a great value

Why is a bag of Young Again Dog Food the best value on the market? It’s a simple case of less is more. With more slow digesting protein than fast burning starch/carbs, your dog will feel full and satisfied longer and may want to eat less. As a result, a 10 lb. bag of Young Again food can last:

  • The average 70 lb. dog about two weeks
  • The average 35 lb. dog up to four weeks
  • Dogs weighing less than 10 lbs. up to three months!


Plus, Young Again Dog Food also works well with joint problems, allergic sensitivities, digestive issues and other conditions like skin and coat issues.


Read the small print.

(What some companies don’t want you to know.)

Most dog foods sold today contain 40% to 50% carbs. That’s way more than your dog needs. Young Again has diets for your dog with as little as 20% starch/carbs. Chicken listed as the first ingredient on a label is not impressive since it is 80% water. Young Again uses chicken meal. It’s more nutritious and better for your dog than chicken because it is only 8% water. Chicken meal also contains organ meat which is more nutritious than breast meat, along with calcium, cartilage and other essential minerals.


The second or third ingredient is usually grain, potato or rice. Listing two or three grain sources is a way to hide the fact that when you add up all the grains they comprise the vast majority of the diet on a dry matter basis. Companies will list potato, rice, rice bran, barley, oat meal and many others to disguise the fact that their food is made up of more plant products than animal protein.


How can Young Again help your dog live a longer, healthier life?

  • High protein formulas work well for the obese dog
  • When your dog feels better he is likely to have a better temperament and attention span
  • Great nutrition helps improve endurance
  • High digestibility means less solid waste
  • The better the nutrition the shinier and the softer the coat with less shedding
  • Cost effective and better health can mean better Vet visits
  • May enable full bowl “free feeding” for convenience
  • High protein foods may enable you to feed your dog up to 20% less food when compared to foods with a high starch/carb, low protein composition


Young Again Dog Food feeding recommendations

We suggest to begin at these levels, monitor your pet’s weight and make the necessary adjustments in their daily ration. Each dog’s nutritional needs will vary dramatically based upon breed, age, activity level, environment and medical condition. Keep in mind that if your dog has a particularly active day, he will have burned more calories and may require more food for that day’s ration. For best digestion, we recommend two feedings daily approximately 11 hours apart. Remember that soft stool can be a sign of overconsumption. There are many dogs that can be fed free choice. Younger and/or smaller breed dogs are more likely to adapt to free-choice feeding than older dogs. A free-choice fed dog will generally be more satisfied and often consume less food than other feeding methods. We highly recommend this method if your dog maintains a healthy weight.


Pregnancy: Increase food amount by 10% in week 7 and increase 20% during weeks 8 and 9.


Lactation: Nursing females require twice the amount of food and should be fed 3 to 4 times per day.


Puppies: Puppies up to 6 months old require twice the amount of food as an adult dog and should be fed 3 to 4 times a day. Puppies from six months to a year, twice daily.


Please consult your veterinarian about the needs of your specific dog breed.









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