Two ferrets peeking out of a hole in a fence

There are two ways to feed Young Again Ferret Food:
We recommend free-choice feeding (a full bowl at all times). Introduce food gradually over a few days. Food may be moistened or fed dry. Moistened food should be removed from the environment daily. Keep bowls clean and provide clean fresh water at all times. Young Again is nutritionally fortified, extra vitamins and mineral supplements should not be used. Store in a cool dry place.

If you must restrict feed your ferret, please use these guidelines:

Average consumption for 24 hours:
8 lb. ferret – Level 1/4 cup
10 lb. ferret – Rounded 1/4 cup
12 lb. ferret – Level 1/3 cup

When changing from a plant protein, grain-based food to our meat-based food, it may take one to two weeks for your ferret’s system to adjust. During this time your ferret may experience looser stools and stronger stool odor. This is a normal occurence when converting your ferret to a new food.

Techniques for introducing Young Again to your ferret:

  • Remove all food from dishes, wash them thoroughly with soap and water and/or bleach, Feed only YA Ferret Food.
  • Grind your old food to a powder, pour a half cup of that into a gallon resealable bag then add 3-4 cups of Young Again and shake well. Use the resealable bag to store the mix.
  • Mix Young Again with water or chicken broth and spoon or finger feed it to your ferret until they accept it.
  • Mix 75% Young Again with 25% of your old food and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds to help disguise the new food scent.
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