Young Again Pet Food History

In 1987, our founder Michael started making pet food with the simple goal of providing the best possible food for your companion animals. After years of intensive development, his first products were introduced in 1990. Initially working with prominent breeders, Michael's started Pretty Bird International, Inc. and launched a distribution network which resulted in rapid growth in the marketplace.


Today, we've taken all the experience and knowledge gained over the past two decades to create lines of nutritionally complete foods for cats, dogs and ferrets under the name  Young Again Pet Food®.


Much of our success has been built on our fresh approach to nutrition and applying new ideas and technology. We're always looking for ways to improve everything we make.


Michael has built one of the most technologically advanced extrusion facilities for the manufacturing of our pet foods. Our system is based on Swiss-made, twin-screw extruders that are commonly used to produce human breakfast cereals, snacks and pasta. This extrusion process makes consistent, precise and superior finished products.


Whatever type or types of animal you own, you can be sure that feeding her one of our foods will provide your pet with all the nutrition she needs for a great life.


Breaking New Ground

Young Again was the first to produce a 50% meat-based protein cat food with less than 6% starch/carbs containing no plant proteins and are grain free. We were also the first to produce gluten-free diets. Plus, we've developed pet foods that contain an abundance of nucleotides. Nucleotides are in high demand by your pet’s immune system. Our proprietary ingredients help maintain optimal well-being and physical attributes in your pet.


Looking Ahead

Young Again has always been and will always remain committed to providing the best quality nutritional products for your pets. We won't be satisfied unless we provide the best food, value and service. Combining state-of-the-art technology with extensive research and testing, Young Again will continue to develop innovative, nutrient dense products to help our customers' pets live better lives.

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