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I have a pedigreed Russian Blue. She has been free fed since she was born. I feel confident and don’t worry about her health feeding her Young Again. It is filling for her and she does not over eat it.

Milly , 12/21/2022

My cat Sammy (16+years young) had problems with IBS and a fatty tumor on his shoulder when we switched to 50/22 Young Again Cat Food. He has been on your food for several years now . No more IBS , that changed within weeks, no more fatty tumor.

But lately he had been very vocal in the evenings. A friend said she heard that was a sign of hyperthyroidism. So I took him to the vets for over due blood work. The vet called with results said Sammy had the blood work of a HEALTHY FOUR YEAR OLD! I just wanted to thank you for giving us healthy kitties and seems we are going to be enjoying them for years to come. Our last two kitties lasted for 20 years before "Young Again " , looking to surpass that with the current five rescues.

Blessings, Cynthia E.

***While this client has had amazing results with our 50/22 Cat and Kitten formula, we highly suggest using one of our Mature formulas for cats that are done growing.  The vitamins, minerals and supplements in the Mature formulas are best suited to aging cats. 

Cynthia E., 4/6/2022

My cat had severe UTI and was not using the box. She would have messes everywhere and several VET trips later and countless antibiotics I decided to swap up her food source. She has been eating 50/22 for almost 4 years now and has had NO MORE UTI's. Absolutely recommend.

Shannon Starkel, 6/2/2021

Your food is awesome! I switched to it recently after one of my boy cats developed a urinal blockage. It's been over a month and no blockage has reoccurred, all of our cats' fur has become silky soft and our obese 6 year old girl cat almost has a neck again and she's feisty as hell. We plan on keeping all of them on it.

Dawn C., 9/21/2013

Petal is saying "Thanks for the yummy food! I didn't even know I was on a diet!!! Now I have so much energy I never stop!" << I am not totally thrilled with that part!!

Thanks, friendly folks at Young Again for the great cat food. My pudgy Aby is now back to being a world class gymnast, and it was seamless. When are you going to come out with a food for humans??


Marta P., 5/31/2012

This is the best dried cat food for the best price. It's obvious cats eat meat only. Don't be fooled by grain free cat food - read the other ingredients - they have legumes in it! Can you imagine a cat eating legumes in the wild - hahahaha! This company is legit!

Heidi Ochsner, 11/21/2022

I can't imagine owning 1-3 cats and not affording Young Again.......I truly understand todays economy....and XXXXXX,etc. is so much cheaper........but if THAT is how you see life, please research much further. I ask all dog/cat owners to at least spend the time to read ALL of Young Again's website.....especially ALL of the FAQ section........I do not qualify for a 501c3, YA does NOT give me a discount. I, personally don't even have a need for a 4# bag, with 20+ rescues at any given time. I am glad they sell a 25# bag. But if I was normal, 1 or 2 cats, a 4# bag would be perfect. The cats don't eat YA as fast as they did the lesser brands, AND there is much less waste [crumbs].

Jona S., 10/10/2014

We're about 3/4 of the way through our second bag of the 50/22 cat food. Buddy's shape is already changing from football to rectangle.

So many people say 'just feed wet' which is all well and good unless you took in a picky dry food addict like I did. I'm happy to have a food that my cat will actually eat, and one where he can maintain a healthy weight.



Paula O., 6/17/2013