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My Maine Coon kitten seems to like the food and is doing well on it.

Jennifer, 1/1/2024

My kittens love this food! It’s great that it is created for cats who are obligate carnivores. I can feel good about feeding it to my sweet little kitties since it’s exactly what they need to grow up healthy!

JB Thrower, 11/1/2023

My kitten loves this food and I feel better knowing he is getting healthy ingredients compared to other dry foods on the market. His coat looks better and he feels better. He had some bloating with constant wet food that was upsetting his stomach and this food solved the issue quickly.

Kelly, 4/28/2022

My Maine Coon kitten loves it, more than even canned food. Despite eating this free choice (and a LOT of it), she is on the thin underweight side.

Jennifer Martin, 12/3/2023

I ordered a 4lb bag for the first time and my cat loved it and had no problems with it at all so I ordered again and I ordered the 8lb bag, the food was so greasy in the second bag compared to the 1st one and smelled very different. My cat ate it for dinner and then started to have diarrhea the next morning and wont even eat the kibbles anymore. Gave him a different brand and he ate that instead. I dont know what happened in that second bag of kibbles but I was told it was from the same batch as the first which seems impossible because something must’ve been wrong with it.

Young Again:  Soft stool is common when cats overeat our high protein, high fat food.  This is commonly resolved once the cat eats the proper amount of food.  Often when overeating they will not eat the food the next day as they have eaten too much prior and they are still working to digest the high meat content.  High carb foods will often resolve the soft stool due to the carb content holding the stool together.  Due to our large temperature swings in MN,  one bag to the next can look very different as the oils absorb differently into the food.  Sometimes it remains more on the outside readily visible and other times it will be absorbed into the food, depending on temperatures when made. Color can also look different as we do not add any artificial colors to our foods.  Both color and oil absorption can vary within the same batch.  Most cats prefer more oil on the outside, while some prefer it more internally.  


Fateha Jalil, 3/23/2023