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We've been feeding our senior cat the YA Mature formula since July 2016, and she's had Stage 2 kidney disease for the last 3 years. Her kidney numbers have held dead-on steady this whole time, so her vet is happy to let her keep her current diet and free-feeding routine. When her numbers start changing, we'll move her to the LID formula. She's estimated to be around 16 years old now, and we joke that our furry little empress eats better than we do - but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Ky Conn, 3/1/2024

ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUNG AGAIN CAT FOOD. MY 11 cats loved it. I have since lost 5 cats due to age mostly But the food helped them live longer, better lives. This food is the highest quality dry food I have found.

Kimberly Womack, 11/12/2023

My cat was miserable...frantic with scratching, losing his fur, especially around his eyes, and exhibiting scary hiding behaviors. He has so many allergies, both food and environmental. While we can't eliminate all the environmental allergens, he's so much better now that he's on a compatible diet. I have no doubt that Young Again Mature dry cat food has saved his life. Thank you again.

Cathy, 3/15/2022

I can’t recommend this food enough. I found this food years ago after trying to find a low carb dry food. I was tired of my then 2 year old cat waking me every morning at 5:30 am to feed her wet food. Most dry food is very high in carbs (even wilderness) and many cats cannot stop themselves from overeating which can lead to excess weight and diabetes. I just took my now 12 year old cat to a new vet who couldn’t believe her age. All of her blood work was perfect and she looks and acts like a youthful kitty. I also have 2 male cats (ages 4 and 5) who are in perfect health. Just FYI, all of my cats had some loose stools when first starting this food (1 week max) but have had no issues since.

Amanda Adelman, 12/19/2021

My cat who has eaten the Mature version for about six months just got back "PERFECT" bloodwork. She had been very thin and her kidney values were rising this time last year and the vet had put her on a prescription kidney diet, which caused her to lose weight and gave her itchy skin. She has no itchy skin now, has gained a full pound, and has perfect bloodwork. She is almost 14 so I was thinking of switching her to the LID Zero since she is no longer thin, since it appears that is best for kidneys. In all events, thank you SO MUCH for such wonderful cat food!!

Barbara Ann McIntyre, 10/13/2021

This cat food saved my cat's life, I'm quite certain. He was diagnosed with early stage CKD and was already wasting and sitting like a loaf (which is an uncomfortable stance cats with kidney disease take when they are suffering). I had tried to get him on all wet food but no matter what food or method tried to get him on all wet, no matter how slowly I transitioned, the cat would starve himself... Nothing was working. I was prescribed medicated wet cat food for cats with kidney issues but I'd already read that the high protein is less of a culprit than high phosphorous in foods and didn't want to deprive an animal that lives in the wild of protein if it wasn't absolutely necessary, I came to find Young Again recommended on a well respected forum for caregivers of cats with CKD so I ordered a sample and my cat LOVED this food so I placed the order. This was three years ago and I can't believe how my cat's health improved in that time. He's now 14 years old going on age three! he's a kitten again actually, what a perfect name for the product!!! Within a year, his BUN and Creatinine were perfect, no sign of CKD in the labs or in his behavior. Everyone comments on his beautiful soft coat...He is beyond personable and friendly whereas he'd been a little withdrawn when he was sick (as would anyone). He is aos playful and happy! Another amazing benefit is his improved gut health, He has thrown up more than most cats and not just fut balls since I adopted him and I'd tried every probiotic and supplement and every expensive grain free wet and dry food (he was half and half but always preferred dry) but nothing worked until Young Again made his gut so healthy...he's a purrfect weight as well! Before he was skinny from the kidney issues, he'd been on the obese side, and now he is just perfect, the vet says. My vet has recommended this food to others after I explained what caused the health improvement (the perfect kidney labs blew him away!) This company is the best. Even during the worst of the pandemic, they alwasy delivered this essential food quickly. I am so grateful!!! It might seem a tad expensive but the vet bills were piling up and actually I already spent a bundle on food (including the food he constantly rejected, now I never have to switch) so I feel this food is a bargain and I'm saving tons! Anyway, I would spend ten times the price to see my cat thrive like this after so many months of watching him deteriorate. Thanks again. This is a real review, not written internally...who would write something so rambling except a crazy cat loving lady like me. Thanks so much!

Dina Seiden, 8/16/2021

Itching and twitching were driving my poor cat to scratch himself raw and hiding behaviors, a sure sign something was wrong. Tests revealed multiple food allergies. Mature cat food saved his life and our sanity. The company responds quickly and personally to emails, which is also appreciated.

cathy e campbell, 7/15/2021

I started feeding my cat Puddy the YA Mature Health Formula when she was around 10 years old. At the time, she had matting issues with her coat and she was often short tempered. Within months of starting the Young Again Mature Health, her coat was soft and shiny, her eyes were clear and she was much more affectionate. She lived to nearly 19 years of age. I will always feed my cats Young Again.

Rae N., 5/4/2021

I am beyond thrilled with this food after 2 large bags of it. They both still love it and are doing great. It works out to be cheaper than the premium wet food they were on and Stella has not had any urinary issues since being on it. It smells so much better than other dry foods.  I'm really glad I found a dry food I can feel good about.  They are drinking their water now, too!

Jennifer W., 11/21/2013

Young Again is the best!!! Our Kitty Love, Love, Loves it :)

Kerrie H., 10/19/2016