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I always recommend YA, especially when people find out they have a kitty with Diabetes. I know that serving YA Diabetic food to our boys when they were diagnosed helped save their lives, and it helped get that disease under control and into remission for them. We had 3 cats that were diabetic.

lyn dudish, 1/29/2024

Our 15 year old cat was newly diagnosed with diabetes which req'd 2x day insulin shots. I researched and came upon this food. Switched diet to can food with low carbs (pate, no gravy) and this as his dry food. Within a few weeks, he no longer needed the insulin. It has been about 6 months now and still doing well. We even showed this food to the vet to recommend to others as they had not suggested anything other than the insulin. Our other young (non diabetic) cat also eats this. We had no problem transitioning. Cost is more than store food but WAY less than the vet visits and insulin we were doing previously.

Jill S., 9/15/2021

First started with YA Zero back a few years ago with my supposedly diabetic kitty (who actually had Acromegaly). My whole crew loves this stuff and, combined with a low carb canned food, probably will never develop diabetes due to poor diet. Like they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and feeding a species appropriate diet is definitely worth the time and money to avoid problems as our furfamily members age.

Susan Luhrs, 8/3/2021

My cat loves it. Immediately changed from old food and with right portioning, helped her get to a healthy weight.

James, 5/8/2021

This is Moon Pie (great name for a diabetic cat, eh?). He was diagnosed on June 28 and given 3 units of insulin twice a day. I monitor his glucose at home. On July 6 I started him on Young Again Zero cat food. Almost immediately we had to reduce his insulin as his numbers improved. He had his one month vet visit yesterday. His glucose has been totally normal with no insulin for over 2 weeks now. The vet was shocked. He said no more insulin or vet visits unless something changes!

YA cat food has saved our lives. Moon Pie won't be tortured with needles every day, which is priceless. We save money on medical bills, pet sitters, and time and frustration with having to give him shots twice a day. We have two other cats; they are all eating YA too and have adjusted well. We signed up for the bottomless bag and get the Zero treats. It's worth every penny! I gave my vet a pamphlet from YA, so he can tell others.

Thank you!!!

Beth C., 8/5/2017

My diabetic cat Lucky had been in remission since 2 weeks after I started him on Young Again Zero Cat Food.

I check his blood sugar once a month, more often if I notice any changes in urination frequency or his weight. So far his blood sugar is regulated between 95-112. Because of Young Again's Zero Cat Food. I have saved an incredible amount of money on insulin and diabetic supplies (and diabetic cat food from the vet that is very expensive and does very little to control blood sugar due to its high carb content). Not to mention the time and torture involved in getting Lucky to sit still to check his blood sugar .

Approximate monthly price breakdown-

Needles/lancets/strips =$125/month

Insulin (2 units x 2 a day)=$25/months

Diabetic cat food from the vet=$40/month

My time and the harassment to my 11 year old grumpy cat that I love so much =priceless

Total= $190/month


Young Again Zero Mature Cat Food=$45/month

No dangerous blood sugar peaks and valleys that are harmful and shorten Lucky's life = priceless!

Total=$40/ month - awesome considering I'd pay wayyyy more for my Lucky's health and happiness

Thank you for all you do!!!

(Lucky is probably a Maine Coon. He had all the traits including being polydactyl, he had 7 toes on each front paw and 5 on the back. He was 3 weeks old when a friend's Labrador retriever brought him home and spit him out. He had just opened his eyes and we weren't sure he was gonna make it. I bottle fed him till he was able to eat on his own. He grew fast and became my tough boy. He is now 11 years old, healthy and happy at 18.2)  

(Client moved to Zero Mature as needed when Lucky was done growing) 

Christine L., 7/11/2017

Our patient is a 12 year old male neutered tiger cat named “Chicco”. He presented in October 2014 for weight loss. Routine cbc and chemistries were normal and a urine sample was not attainable at the time. The owner was advised to follow up with urinalysis at their convenience. The cat was not seen again until November 2015 with 5 & ½ pounds of weight gain, and urinating large amounts. We again ran a cbc, chemistry, and were able to collect urine for a urinalysis via cystocentesis. His cbc was normal and his blood chemistries were all normal except for a mildly elevated blood glucose at 221 micrograms/deciliter. Chicco’s urinalysis results demonstrated a specific gravity of 1.024, 2+ protein, pH 7.0, negative for ketones, and a 2+ glucose. Microscopically there were 3-5 WBC’s per high power field and 2+cocci bacturia. At this time, we diagnosed diabetes mellitus with a secondary UTI.

Our treatment plan was simple. We needed to get our patient to lose weight in a manner that would also allow for better glycemic control and we needed to treat the UTI. The UTI was treated with an injection of Convenia at the request of the owner since giving the cat oral medications was quite difficult. The difficulty with our plan was that the best way to achieve the weight loss and glycemic control traditionally meant a high protein, low carbohydrate canned food diet and our patient, being a cat, refuses to eat any form of canned food. Enter our savior, one of our long-standing clients who happens to work at a local pet food company. Our client had been in a while back super excited to talk about the new foods for cats and dogs that her company had developed. After getting some samples and reading about the product and some of the other testimonials, I started getting excited too! A dry cat food that was metabolically appropriate! This fits the bill for most owners because of convenience and for veterinarians because of the content.

We started our tiger cat, “Chicco”, on the Young Again Zero Carb Formula. One month later, we were extremely pleased that our patient’s drinking and urination patterns had returned to normal, he had lost a full pound, his urine glucose was negative, and his blood glucose was 124 micrograms/deciliter. With just a diet change we were able to resolve his current health issues. Thanks Young Again!!   (While this Veterinarian and her client had great success with our Zero formula,  Young Again recommends Zero Mature for cats that are done growing.)

Dr. Meaghan S. , 12/15/2014

I want to Thank "Young Again" zero carb cat food for saving me and my Maine Coon! My baby boy was peeing and drinking nonstop when I took him to my Vet and found out that he was diabetic (I kind of already knew since I'm a nurse but my cat is different from my patients right??? ). The Vet gave me some expensive cat food (dry and wet) and insulin (2 units) twice a day but his blood sugars remained greater than 250. I began researching and discovered “Young Again". It made complete sense since my outdoor cats survive on meat only and no carbs. Thankfully I ordered No carb Young Again dry food and within a week shockingly my boy was normoglycemic (blood sugars in the low 100's). It's now been 9 weeks and my boy is still perfect and happy. He has begun to play again and has lost weight (20.5lbs down to 18.8lbs). All the research Young again has done about feline diabetes makes sense but for some reason my Vet still tries to sell me food that doesn't make sense, can we possibly pass on this research to them so that other kitties do not become or remain diabetic!!!!
I really cannot thank you enough

Christine L., 12/10/2014

THANK YOU Young Again for making your zero carb cat food. My 3 cats love it. Your product claims are spot on! My exotic shorthair used to shed constantly. After being on your food for a few months she is not shedding at all. Every time I used to pet her, fur would be everywhere. All 3 now have softer fur, and they seem happier. What an amazing find. So happy I found you!!!! I'm spreading the word to all my friends who have cats, this is hands down the healthiest and best food for your pet! Finally a pet food company who understands animal nutrition and spares no expense! Bravo!

Allison K., 1/28/2014

Please don't ever go out of business or change your formula or sell to a commercial company!! My cat started on Young Again around 9/16/13 after being diagnosed with diabetes on 9/7/13, and with tight regulation first with Lantus and then with Levimir and changing her kibble over, she is offically starting her OTJ (no insulin) trial tonight after dropping to 58 on a microdose of one drop of insulin today. I'm not counting my insulin before it hatches, but really hoping her OTJ (off the juice) trial is sucessful.  Hopefully it will be, but I know I would never have gotten even this far with insuling if I hadn't changed her diet!

Robyn W., 10/31/2013

Young Again Cat Food has been a great addition to our cats healthy diet. We have been ordering this cat food for years. Also,  the Customer Service Dept.representitive was extremely helpful locating my lost shipment. She took the time to trace it's location and update me with emails within minutes and fulfilled a replacment order immediately. Hard to find that sort of help these days!

William Ceriale, 1/22/2024

I feed this to my ferrets (mixed with a few other types of kibble which is recommended). I began after my beloved girl Biscuit was diagnosed with insulinoma. They had been on a not-so-great-quality food that is often used by the #1 ferret supplier in the USA. After taking several animal based nutrition classes in college and looking into the best type of food for them (which is very hard to find unless you feed a raw diet) I came across this brand and it works wonderfully! I know they have a ferret kibble but I like this one better. They are a bit pricier than what I feed my kitties but I plan on transitioning my kitties (5 cats) to this within the next few months! Highly recommend this brand because the ingredients list is far far better than most cat kibbles out there. 

Tessa, 11/4/2023

I keep all three of my cats on Young Again Zero as a preventative measure. I wish all humans would also eat low carb preventively! It would save them big $$$ on their meds, too!

Ruth S., 8/2/2017

I know your products are usually meant for cats but I use the Young Again ZERO for my ferrets. I want to thank you for not using peas in your formula and I know my ferrets thank you too.

I leave kibble out for them 24/7. When it comes to transitioning you want to wean them off the old food and onto the new food. Add more new food every week while decreasing the old.

All 5 of mine had contracted a pretty nasty virus called ECE (more commonly known as green slime disease) when they were babies and ZERO is literally the only food that doesn't cause GI flare-ups.

My 5 fuzzies  thank you!

Cynthia W., 5/13/2017

My guys lost several pounds in just a few months and look so sleek and healthy now! This food is amazing! It is worth the money. My fur-kids used to be on UTI food too, but all the nasty fillers in the foods, not to mention the cost, an 8 lb bag of this lasts my two boys a little over a month. I'm so happy with this cat food and so are my "kids!" I didn't notice the weight loss for about 2 months, they need to be on it awhile to see the results. However, my boy was more pudgy than fat, so he only needed to lose like 5 lbs. If your kids have UTI problems, I suggest the zero carb formula. (While this client had great success with our Zero formula, Young Again suggests our Mature or Zero Mature Health formula to promote Urinary health.)  

Patricia O., 4/17/2017

Awesome to hear another story similar to mine! My cat Milo was also diagnosed with diabetes and the vet recommended the RX brand food just as yours did. I did my own research on carbohydrate levels in the RX brand foods and found they were still over and above 10% carbs per serving. I saw the same posts in regards to XXXXX XXXXX and we used that kind of food only as "treats" after testing his blood. Certain varieties did have low carbohydrate load but they by no means were carb free. When I ran across Young Again Zero through a Google search I was a little taken back by the price but I can honestly tell you now, it made ALL the difference. My Milo has not been on insulin for 10 solid months. I will not use any other brand food for him because I'm a firm believer that diet makes a complete difference in the health of my cat. I told my vet about the food and she never heard of such a thing. I was floored! Because I did my own research and bought Young Again Zero we never had to buy a second order of insulin or syringes. Essentially, Young Again saved my cat. We've since switched to Young Again Zero Mature formula and he is doing great! (While this client used our Zero formula with great results, Young Again recommends our Zero Mature for cats that are done growing.)

Krista J., 10/19/2016

Young Again Zero Cat Food changed my cat's life and in doing so greatly improved mine. All of my mature cats eat this food and are doing great. (while this client used our Zero formula with great results,  Young Again recommends Zero Mature for cats that are done growing.)

Meredith B., 7/14/2016

Thank you so much for your wonderful food. I only wish I knew about it sooner! I have two diabetic kitties and now one is completely off of insulin and the other is on a very, very low dose.

Shay B., 6/27/2016

What a difference without the Young Again cat food.  (client ran out and expedited YA) If I ever needed proof that all-meat cat food is cheaper, I have it now. Two $12 bags of XXXX XXXXXXXXXX this week already! On XXXXXXXXXX my cats eat like they are always hungry. Of course, my diabetic cat has needed more insulin. And we won’t discuss the smell of their poop! I originally got Young Again so that my diabetic cat could free-feed like my other cat. Now, diabetes or not, YA is THE cat food, period! Better for them. Cheaper for me. WIN-WIN!

Deb B., 9/15/2014

Courageous Cat, the love of my life, was diagnosed with diabetes in September. His numbers were all over the place and he would not regulate, needing 3 sometimes 4 units a day. On 1/16 I put him on Young Again Zero Carb. Today, January 31st, is day 8 that he does not need a shot! If I had all of you who developed this product in front of me, I would give you a huge hug! I'm overjoyed!  He is happy. Always purring and head butting. A great guy! He's 13 years old. I have two others...a male, Duke, who is 2 1/2 and a female, Daisy, who is 1 1/2. They are both eating the food, also. They both lost weight and are more "streamline" in appearance. Duke had such a bad case of dandruff which is now disappearing. And all three of their coats are becoming so silky! I gave the link to your website to my vet and they printed up some pages and are keeping track of Courageous' progress with the food. I have been keeping a daily log as per their request. I can't thank you enough. 

Nancy C. , 1/31/2014