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My cat is obsessed with this food, and he is a very picky eater. He's had IBD for over 3 years and was just diagnosed with diabetes so finding the right food (low carb but easy on his tummy) was my top priority. So far this is working wonders! He's eating some canned food too but he always cries for kibble.

Caitlin , 10/31/2021

My diabetic boy (now 13.5+ years old) was diagnosed almost 3 years ago and LOVES this food! He really missed his kibble before we found this and he 100% looks forward to when I refill his bowl with this. He still eats mostly canned food, bit this doesn't affect his blood sugar numbers at all. Even my non-diabetic cats love it and will usually choose it over any other kibble I try to give them. 100% reccomend for any cat

Andrea Tillery, 9/24/2021

Feeding my diabetic cat and CKD cat who eat together is a challenge. This food has fit the bill!

KiWi, 7/26/2021

I would give you 10 stars if I could. A few years ago I found a mama cat and her kittens outside of my work. The mama was a little over a year old. As time went on, the mama started deteriorating quickly. She looked like an old lady because she wouldn’t groom. She wouldn’t do much of anything except lay by the water dish and drink. I took her to the vet and her blood glucose was 700! We quickly started her on insulin, then changed her insulin again. Everyone recommended wet food only but she hated wet food so we struggled for a while. I did a lot of research and found out the vet recommended food was high fiber and I read studies saying that was not good for diabetes. My sister in law told me about this food, then another lady I knew told me her friend’s cat went into remission. I had to give it a try because we were on our second insulin and still had numbers in the 300s. I was so glad I was home testing! Within a few days we had to skip a dose of insulin and then another. She’s been in remission 4.5 years now and she is the most playful kitten ever! She runs and jumps and plays all day and all night. I get her blood checked every year now and every year her numbers are great. I also love the fact that she doesn’t need a special diet since we are a multi cat household. We have 3 others ranging in age from 6-18 and they all do really great on this food. My 18 year old was diagnosed with CKD 3 years ago. She eats YoungAgain ZeroCarb and I give her supplements and she has not gotten worse.

Jessica Lumm, 6/25/2021

Been feeding my cats this food for years now. They have never had bladder issues again since this diet. My cats love it too! I was tired of the vet giving me meds almost monthly and stressing my cat out let alone the pain the poor thing was in. I finally had enough and demanded a new diet. Vets need to stop treating animals with drugs and find the cause of their issues.

Danny Stuart, 5/23/2021

I wish I would have found this food earlier (prior to insulin) but I chose to go the vet route with prescription food which did not bring glucose # down. I am so happy now that my kitty is at normal range with 1 unit of insulin. I do a curve every few months to check. Kitty went from 450 to 110, very good & kitty feels great! I spread the word when I can.

Susan, 5/11/2021

I have just ordered my second 8lb bag of Zero Mature and would like to take a minute to tell you why. I have two cats, one is a 13yo diabetic male that also has UT issues. He was diagnosed with diabetes approximately 6 months ago and his glucose read in the 400-500 range daily. My other cat is a 5yo petite female, no major health issues. I was feeding both cats expensive vet formula foods, two different formulas at that. Then tried wet only cat food for my male cat, and his glucose was still over 400 daily. Both cats would vomit several times daily, every day. Very frustrating. I bought your cat food after doing some online research, it did seem expensive and I have never free fed before, but figured why not try it. Within one week of eating this formula, both cats had stopped vomiting completely. My male cat's glucose was in the 300 range. It stayed in the 200-300 range for 3 weeks. Then, after the 4th week, his glucose has been in normal range, all day, every day. We tested him 2x daily and he no longer needs any insulin. We test him every 2 to 3 days now, and it is normal.

The black cat is Oscar, he is our 13 year old male that no longer needs insulin thanks to you. The other cat is our pretty Kady kitty, she is 4 1/2 years old and appreciates no longer getting sick to her stomach every time she eats! Oh, one more thing-this food is actually costing me less! Just amazing.

Angela M., 6/17/2017

I started my diabetic cat on your Young Again Zero Mature cat food back in Oct-November 2016. I waited until now to e-mail you because I wanted to make sure it really does work. This food saved my cats life.

My 20 lb. 13 year old cat was diagnosed as having diabetes. Most likely brought on by the use of steroids for his skin allergies and his weight. He was so sick. Walking flat footed, drifting from high sugar to low. The Vet put him on 3 units of insulin twice a day. He seemed to do ok on it but wasn’t himself. I could tell he wasn’t happy. I read the ingredients on the Hills food that the vet prescribed and wasn’t impressed. I searched the internet for a low carb cat food and found Young Again. I was EXTREMELY skeptical. #1 I was told to free feed the cats. Well, the diabetic was also a gorger. He would eat until he popped. I said it was impossible to leave food out for them, not to mention the dogs would devour it. #2 the price. It’s expensive. #3 The claims seemed too good to be true. As a last ditch effort I tried it. I really had nothing to lose. The cat was going downhill.

Miraculously after being on this food for about a week his levels dropped fast. I’m glad I tested him and followed the directions and worked with my vet. The vet said to drop the insulin down to two units twice per day. His levels were still low, so we dropped down to one. Guess what? Still low. The vet said discontinue the insulin. So….After just about a week on Young Again (give or take a few days) he was off the insulin. In 3 months he was down to 18 lbs., which is a perfect weight for him. He can jump up on the bed again, he has energy and plays. His eyes are bright again. His skin hasn’t totally cleared up but it is much better than it was. I can free feed the cats in places the dogs can’t reach, the gorging has stopped and he is maintaining a healthy weight. One more plus: He no longer throws up all over the house. That poor cat would barf almost every day. Now that he’s on your food he’s fine it’s a rare occurrence. I’m glad I took your advice and followed your instructions even though I thought it wouldn’t work. I thank you and my cat thanks you. 

P.S. only complaint I have is they did get loose stools during the transition and the smell was horrible. The looseness cleared up within a month. The smell has either subsided or we’ve gotten used to it.

Ellen S., 5/23/2017

I was trying to post this on the facebook page and it wouldn't let me for some reason- but I had to share...I brought Noel back from my mom to live with me after he was diagnosed diabetic around Christmas. He was on 3 units of insulin twice a day. I transferred him to my vet and just kept him on the "prescription" diabetic food because I didn't know any different. I had heard that cats could go into remission and it was my goal to do so. He was "stable" on his vet diet and insulin, but he was not losing weight and seemed to be starving all the time. I knew the vet foods still had a lot of carbs and I started to do some research for an alternative on the internet. I have to admit I was skeptical at first when i came across this food with the grand claims, but I thought it couldn't hurt to try- it was about the same price as the vet food and he's not a finicky eater- he has always eaten everything in sight- thus probably leading to the diabetes. I ordered an at- home glucose monitoring system at the same time. He had been taking his insulin shots so easily and after a few days and trial and error, he was accepting of me pricking his ear too. I followed the feeding guidelines and fed only Young Again Mature Zero and monitoring his glucose twice daily. Every day his numbers were dropping and within ONE week he was completely off insulin! I took him to the vet to make sure my monitor was accurate and they kept him an entire day for a glucose curve- they were amazed as I was that his numbers were normal and did not need insulin at this point. 

Tia B., 4/17/2017

"Our kitty Clint was diagnosed with diabetes last year with numbers in the high 500's. I would have to give him 3 units insulin 2x a day. His diabetes got so bad he developed neuropathy which I was almost to the point of putting him down. He couldn't walk and it was so very sad for him and us.

The vet wanted to put him on a special diet but the carb content was quite high, so I went ahead and researched foods with no carb, high protein. By following Young Again's protocol exactly, as of today Clint is no longer diabetic -his blood sugars are perfect!!! Perfect. He is no longer diabetic! He has lost weight, his coat is soft and bright and he is playful again.

Now this shows you with the proper nutrition your body can and will heal itself. It took us 7 months to get there but we did it!!"

Celeste C., 3/28/2017

Very grateful for the Young Again Zero Mature Health formula. My 10 year old son's cat was diagnosed with diabetes in January. His glucose reading during the first week ranged from 390-435. We immediately started him on the Rx formula our vet prescribed and it shot up to nearly 500.

I did a lot of research on various Diabetic Feline groups, many recommended a few specific flavors of XXXXX XXXXX pate. Despite it (and insulin) bringing his glucose numbers down hat wasn't enough for a kitty used to having food all day and then someone mentioned Young Again. I ordered our first bag and to be honest, I was pretty skeptical. I am very grateful to say he has been off insulin since March, his Neuropathy has resolved itself, he has lost fat and not muscle and his glucose readings stay in the 70-85 range.

When Wesley was first diagnosed, because the Neuropathy was so severe, our vet recommended euthanasia in front of my (then 9 year old) son. You have given a little boy's companion many more years of health.

Shannon P., 10/19/2016

I was introduced to Young Again cat food by people who were active in the feline diabetic community. My cat, Maury was diagnosed with diabetes overweight and had crystals in his urine and was a terribly finicky eater. I needed to get him off his highcarb kibble and he wouldn' touch wet food. That is when I tried Young Again, Zero Mature. Maury's diabetes has been in remission and he has lost weight while on his Young Again diet. The owner of the company was so patient and helpful with the slew of emails and phone calls to guide me through this tough time. Thank you Young Again.

Sherry D., 10/4/2016

Bear is 9 years old and for the past 4 years had many UTI infections with crystals in his urine. The past year and currently he has been on Mature Zero cat food. I took him to the vet for a checkup and first report in a long time with no crystals or infection in his urine. Thank you, Young Again Cat Food. Bear appreciates it.

Tina T., 9/22/2016

My Mercedes was diagnosed about 9 months ago. Her numbers were running from 200 to high 300's. She was on 1 unit of Lantus twice a day. My vet didn't want to even discuss diet change or home testing! Needless to say we switched vets, got her on some low carb dry and wet food. She was never fond of the wet. Her numbers were still in the 200's. Every now and then she'd drop down to the high 100's. I emailed you guys for samples and received them right away. She loved the food so I ordered a bag. I received that food on the 14th. Her doses every day got lower and lower and I can officially say she has been off insulin since the 18th!!! She looks happy, her coat looks better and she is jumping on things she hasn't jumped on in quite a while. And her numbers have been running between 50-85. Thank you again!

Rebecca C., 7/29/2016

I can’t express enough the blessing Young Again Zero Mature Cat food has been for me and my cats.  I have three Sammy, Sadie and Simon.  Sammy was overweight and has a growing fatty tumor on his shoulder.  I’m excited to say Sammy has lost weight and the fatty tumor has almost completely gone away!!!  This food has given my cats beautiful coats, spunk and a lot less throwing up.  I used to vacuum every day a small kitten…LOL…now there is a lot less hair loss which means less vacuuming for me!   This company is absolutely wonderful to work with and is always willing to help you and your pet with any problems that arise. #LOVINGYOUNGAGAINPETFOOD 

Cynthia E., 5/22/2017

Fudge-is in remission from diabetes on Young Again ....Your food is widely suggested across several diabetes groups.

Holly K., 7/12/2016

Switched my 14 year old ragdoll over a year ago to Young Again..... absolute great improvement in weight, health, & and he even plays with his toys again! 

Julie J., 8/18/2013