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I just want to say thank you. My cat is newly diabetic and for two weeks we fought to find anything he would eat that fell into the vets approved category. We could not get him to eat a single wet food. The vet finally directed us to your mature zero. He loves it. His blood sugar is down 300 points. He is playing with toys and prancing around the house like he owns it. Thank you so much for the work you're doing! My Zeus hasn't been this energetic or happy in months. Again, thank you. You saved him.

Jenifer, 11/13/2023

My kitty was diabetic for 18 months. Got her on low carb wet food, but she missed the crunch from her dry food. I now supplement her with Young Again Zero and she loves it, and has also been in diabetic remission for 10 months. My non diabetic kitty will only eat dry food and she loves the Young Again and although she’s almost 11, she acts like a crazy kitten.

Carol Carsten, 8/6/2023

I first found Young Again Zero Mature after extensive research to help our cat with kidney disease. This had lower phosphorous plus much better ingredients and nutrition than most of the prescription foods! It was a huge bonus that our other two cats could also eat it and all three liked it from day one. Free feeding allowed our sick kitty to eat whenever she felt like it, which helped her re-gain some of the weight she'd lost in the initial kidney failure crisis. Our other female cat gradually lost the extra 2 lbs she was lugging around and just had an excellent check-up at the vet! Our male cat has maintained a healthy weight. Though we inevitably had to say goodbye to our cat who had kidney disease, we took comfort knowing she had the best possible final months, including being able to enjoy food she actually liked. It's a silver lining that her condition led us to this food that I hope will help our other cats, now about 12 years old, stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. For the record, we were previously feeding a high-quality dry food from a very well-regarded brand recommended by our vet, so the improvements in our healthy adult cats are an especially strong testament that Young Again is doing something really special!

Chrissy, 8/4/2023

I cannot speak highly enough about this food!! My cat was diagnosed with feline diabetes earlier this year. His glucose in the beginning was anywhere between 500-600 but in the beginning was high 600’s. His vet put him on insulin and the journey began. We went through two insulins before we got to the very last insulin that we could try. Nothing would bring his glucose to normal levels. We even switched him to the prescription diet. I won’t name which one it is, but we tried all three with no success, he didn’t like them. His insulin was still high even with the insulin and the food he was getting injected twice a day and he was on 4 mm 2x daily. I was pretty much at my wits end and so is he until I seen someone on the Internet name Mallory she’s from all about cats and she had mentioned this food. So I decided to look them up and give them a try and I could not be any happier! My cats love it and I took him in for his bloodwork today and he is normal. He’s at a 98 he does not require any more insulin and no more prescription foods. I will never go back, thank you so much young again!

Ashlea, 6/30/2023

Outstanding product and customer support. My Vet was concerned for my Persian kitten's weight (almost 15 pounds at 18 months on dry food), and recommended this company. Frodo not only dropped the extra pounds, but is more active, alert, and his fur feels more silky. thank you!

Jan K., 6/11/2023

When my 13 yr. old Maine Coon was diagnosed with diabetes in March '23, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for a diabetic cat. I'm 76 years old and care for 10 cats by myself. After much research I found Young Again and read the testimonials, but fear and skepticism caused me to wonder if remission could really be possible. I immediately ordered the Zero Mature food to give it a try. There were many challenges during the brief period of blood testing and adjusting insulin doses, but the additional support I received from Jennifer and Michael(owner) at Young Again was priceless to me while I struggled. I am elated to report that after 3 weeks of free feeding all 10 of my cats on this miraculous food, my diabetic cat has gone into complete remission! His glucose numbers are now down from the 400's to consistently reading in the 70's - 90's. INCREDIBLE!!! I cannot thank Young Again Pet Food enough for saving my beloved Tux from having to suffer with diabetes and a shortened life. Carol Zuccarini

Carol Zuccarini, 5/18/2023

This is the food you need for your diabetic cat (and all his furry friends)! My vet recommended this food after success stories with another client. Gus’s numbers have never been lower! He was ranging 400-500 before switching to YA. Now he is 125-375, and there have been 2 mornings he did not need insulin. You’ll be asking the question, “How low is too low to give insulin?” with this food! Our other 8 non-diabetic cats also eat this, and they are looking healthier than ever! 50 pounds of food has lasted us 2 months. We were buying 20-lb bags weekly(80 lbs per month). I highly recommend YA for all your fur babies!

Britleigh, 5/3/2023

October 2021 my 12 yr old Ragdoll Joey was diagnosed with diabetes. His glucose was high and started on insulin twice a day. My Vet said he never had a diet change help a cat off insulin. I researched diabetic cat foods and discovered Young Again. It's worth every dollar! Within 2 weeks he had normal sugars and was off insulin. It's been 17 months, he's active has lost a little weight but was a bit overweight to start. He also loves the treats! Only negative thing is smelly stool once a day, you need to clean the litterbox Asap. Thank You YoungAgain

Young Again note: Smelly stool can be caused by over consumption and can be resolved.  We are happy to help you!  


Jennifer Fauteux, 4/28/2023

Our 10 year old cat was diagnosed in December with diabetes. We spent 3 months with his sugars up and down but, mostly up. He'd developed plantigrade and couldn't get up on couches or beds without assistance. I heard about this food in a diabetic cat Facebook group and cage to three sure. The reviews were glowing so, I bought a small bag. We give him a small scoop with about a third of a can of pate, within 2 weeks his numbers have dropped significantly and he's not had need of insulin in 2 days. And today, he jumped up onto the couch by himself. I couldn't be more pleased.

Tori, 3/26/2023

I am really grateful I found this site as I started ordering this food for my newly diagnosed diabetic 13 year old cat, Marley. After switching his dry food to this(I also am free feeding to my other 3 cats too), about 3 months ago, I can now say he is in remission and hasn't had any insulin in 4 weeks!! His blood glucose readings have been around 131 to 159 in the morning with NO insulin at all! Thank you so much!

Donna Gionet, 3/14/2023

Wow. This food is a diabetic cat moms dream come true. We have four cats (ages 4yo-11yo), and one of them was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. We initially tried “keto kibble” but its insanely expensive and the use of beet fiber makes the kibble so hard one of my cats couldn’t chew it (and would just barf the pieces up whole). We tried switching to a good (but not necessarily diabetes friendly kibble) hoping that if we got our diabetic cat to fill up on carbohydrate free canned food he would more or less leave the other cats kibble alone because we have always free fed kibble (nope, that lead to him almost dying of ketoacidosis because we could not keep his blood sugar under control). I heard about youngagain in a group on facebook, and thought I would give it a try. I am so glad I did! All four of my cats took to it immediately. Within 24 hours my diabetic cats blood sugar was at 286 with no insulin (usually he would be well above 600 with no insulin which is scary!!). We had been giving him 3-5 units of insulin twice a day and were barely keeping it under control. He needs so much less insulin on this food. Its incredible how much a simple dietary change can make. When you consider the serving size compared to other food, one pound of this food lasts us twice as long as our previous kibble. Combined with the fact we need less insulin, this food is definitely saving us money (and saving our cats health!!!). Seriously, this kitty kibble is as close to perfect as you will find. Do yourself (and your cats) a favor and order this stuff right meow.

Tracy Blinov, 12/24/2022

My old cat is a hot mess of diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, heart murmer, chronic nasal infection and utis... ). She was staying in the hospital for 4 days at least once a month in some crisis. As a diabetes got to the point of needing treatment, she was very anorexic and we just frankly expected she would die within the next couple months if not weeks. She refuses all of the under 5% carb wet foods - so that recommended diabetes diet is out. This and another brand saved her. At first when I got sample she preferred the other brand. But as she got acclimated to this one this became THE ONE AND ONLY. It is all she'll eat. And she actually comes running when I put fresh food in (even though i free feed!). She's put on the perfect amount of weight, and has a great appetite now even when she's all sniffly and can't smell the food. Her kidney numbers at the vet are much better, and her diabetes numbers are between 100 and 180 at all times. I feel very comfortable with the routine, and it's no longer a 'wait to die' or constant struggle just to keep her alive- she's just living and living well. And so are we!

Kelley, 12/20/2022

We had a 14 year old cat with problematic kidney levels. I did a ton of research for dry foods that would be appropriate (and as any one in this position knows, wet foods are almost entirely recommended for kidney decline, but dry was preferred for our situation). I hated the ingredients of some of the 'vet prescribed' choices. Just terrible. The other challenge for us is that we had a 2 year old 'foster fail' in our lives and so feeding both cats without a lot of specialty procedure was important. I wrote to the company a few times to determine what our options were, and to discuss some of my concerns, especially with regards to the 'dry', and was met with a thoughtful reply from the owner who addressed all my questions. Young Again Zero Mature fit our needs across the board and both cats were very happy with it. A year later, new bloodwork showed remarkable improvement in his kidney function. We couldn't be more pleased. Unfortunately, last year, he suffered an acute, unrelated infection which ultimately put him into kidney failure and we had to say goodbye. As crushing as that has been, we are so relieved to know he had clear evidence of improvement after being on this diet and his last year was in the best health he could be. Seeing his kidney numbers at a much better level a few months before he got sick, gave us a lot of peace of mind that we had cared for him properly, and that the infection was it's own unfortunate event. We have kept our younger cat on this diet and he's doing very well with luscious soft coat to boot. The price isn't much of an issue as compared to other higher quality foods, as we find one bag lasts quite some time and the auto ship is both flexible and convenient. The cherry on top is the customer service, which has been excellent. Give these products a try!

Lauren, 11/22/2022

Cat’s sugar is down from 371 to 206 in five weeks just switching to this food. No insulin.

Cat Lady, 11/9/2022

I don't usually write reviews, but reading them is what convinced me to give this a many people saying it caused their insulin dependent, diabetic cats to go into remission - I took a leap of faith and it paid off. This was a literal lifesaver for my 11yo cat, Lola. I began noticing her being sluggish, urinating frequently, increased water consumption and it seemed as if it pained her to jump high onto my bed...something she would do nightly. I was so concerned, I moved my bedding to the floor to sleep with her. I got her into the vet within 2wks of the onset of these "symptoms". Sure enough, they found elevated levels of glucose in her blood and urine. I was prescribed insulin and an Rx low carb food that has been out of stock everywhere since last year. I was desperate, stressed, and terrified. After researching and using the carb calculator in the YA website in order to find an immediate substitute, I learned most food choices at the pet store are loaded with carbs and the few that weren't Lola wanted nothing to do with. I ordered an 8 pound bag of YoungAgain Zero Mature (as well as the treats). Within 2wks, Lola no longer needed insulin and bounced back to her lively, feisty, diva self. I just placed an order for another 8 pound bag and signed up for the auto ship feature. Yes, it's spendier than other foods, but it literally saved her life and my mental health. There was no adjustment time needed for her as she took to the food instantly and loves it. She is 14 pounds and I give her about 4.5-5T a day (per her vet, she needs to lose a little weight, so I don't give her the recommended rounded 1/3c that is closer to 6T). Thank you for making such a wholesome product. I have my spoiled princess back and am eternally grateful. I'm a customer for life.

Sabi, 9/24/2022

I give YA a big 5!  Alley at 18 is slim & sexy and no more insulin shots!!
You get a diabetes diagnosis and most vets just barely get cats BG down low enough for good control.  After using YA, Alley no longer needs insulin!  I praise you to all vets and anyone who really cares.

Alley was so depressed while on insulin because her BG was so high and she could sense how much we all hated shots!!
I’ve had type 1 for 52yrs and knew if we cut the carbs her BG would come down.

Beth Shelton, 9/11/2022

Just wanted to send along great gratitude from our family of five felines, ages 1 to 15, all of whom are exhibiting significant positive improvements across multiple levels within their overall health. Thank you for providing the nutrition that has added such a wondeful new quality to their lives since we have switched to Young Again.

Elizabeth Herzog, 8/27/2022

My cat, Nigel, was in a local vet ER for 2 days because of bladder crystals. He was less than a year old at the time, so the vets told us he must have a 'bladder disease' and that we'd be dealing with this for the rest of his life. Of course they wanted him on a prescription food, and a wet food at that. He does not have any interest in wet food at all. So after his ER visit Nigel did eat 3 bags worth of the 4lb dry prescription food that's formulated to dissolve crystals and is essentially $10/lb. During that time I did some research, and came across YA food. It seemed perfect, the research made sense. Nigel is my first cat, but I knew already that cats do not need any carbs in their food for healthy life. I started using a carb calculator for the food I was using initially, the prescription food, and YA food. True to their word (YA) based on guaranteed analysis, their food has 1/5 to1/6 of the carbs these other brands do. The prescription foods do dissolve crystals, but since they're a high carb food, it's chemically formulated to dissolve them, and has less to do with the quality of the food itself. Young Again doesn't claim their food dissolves crystals, only that it helps to keep new ones from forming. I don't hold this against them as it may be different from cat to cat, and they would not want a customer to avoid seeking care when they should. But the basic premise is, if you correct the pH of your cat's urine (directly related to food quality/carbohydrate content), you'll both dissolve the existing crystals and avoid the recurrence of new ones. I had a vet confirm this during an appt this morning. All this to say, Nigel is now halfway through his 3rd bag of YA food (his hospital visit was in February) and he aced his vet visit today. They could feel no sediment in his bladder, and his urine analysis came back with zero indication of any of the six crystals they test for. Kudos to YA pet food for being true to their word. Nigel will be on this food for the rest of his kitty life. He's a sweet boy (I believe disposition is likely directly related to food), his coat looks great, he's got good energy and his poops and pees are amazing (lol). Hopefully all male cats that hate wet food find this website! I know I'll be spreading the word.

Douglas, 8/19/2022

UPDATE: my 9 yo diabetic cat has been off insulin for almost four weeks!!! Her last fructosamine test was 251 and blood glucose 80 and holding steady. The cat looks great. My vet and I are pleased with the results your food has given us. She kept the labels from an empty bag I gave her to show other clients.

UPDATE #2: My 9 yo cat has been insulin free for six weeks! Her recent urinalysis was perfect and showed no glucose being passed in the urine. Thank you YA Mature Zero!

Denise K Ismari , 8/7/2022

Our 11 year old cat Sugar was diagnosed with diabetes. We caught it early, but he was already showing signs of neuropathy in his front and back paws. Our vet suggested Young Again ZERO Mature for Sugar and small doses of insulin. Within 2 months we are very happy to report he is off insulin and glucose levels are near 100. The food was the key to his remission. Very happy with this product. Signed... a very happy pet parent!

Terri Laine, 6/25/2022