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As pet owners ourselves, we know you want a long and happy life for your beloved companion. We also know different species need vastly different types of food for optimum health. For example, carnivores like cats and dogs need animal-based protein, whereas non-carnivores like cows need plant-based protein. By carefully paying attention to exactly what different species need to not only survive, but thrive, we're able to develop “nature-identical” foods with ingredient profiles that match your pet's natural food in the wild.


Superior Ingredients

We use only the finest, gluten-free and species-appropriate ingredients to provide proper nutrition. We never use fillers like plant proteins to bulk up a carnivore diet. As a result, even though our bags may be smaller than other products, they can last 40-60% longer and are a much better value. And every one of our foods is made with our proprietary blend of ingredients that can help keep your pet's immune system operating at peak performance. This compound also helps maintain optimal well-being and physical attributes in your pet.


Proprietary Ingredients

Every day millions of cells in every body - be it dog, cat, fish or human - stop functioning and need to be replaced. Fortunately, even though the cell has stopped functioning, many cell parts are still usable and may be harvested by the body to make new cells. But it's never enough to fulfill the body's constant need.


Unfortunately, as we age, cell-making material becomes harder to manufacture and our body's ability to reproduce cells diminishes. That's what causes many of the signs and symptoms of aging. By providing a ready stockpile of easy to use raw materials for new cells, Young Again helps make the body act as if it was younger.

Our proprietary compounds contain molecules that, when joined together, make up the structural units of RNA and DNA. These fundamental cellular building blocks have the ability to become any type of cell the body needs and can be stockpiled by the body, then sent to repair and build new cells where they are needed most. For example, in the event of illness, they can rapidly be used to make new white blood cells and other disease killers, or help repair damaged organs and tissue.


These compounds also work to help the immune system operate at peak performance. This helps your pet fight disease and also helps them maintain optimal well-being from the inside out.


Healthier animals just naturally have more energy and, because your pet feels better, it will be happier and more sociable.


Safety and Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest quality and safety in the industry, we operate an in-house lab and test our products on our own pets. We also use an independent laboratory that constantly analyzes our products to ensure that they are salmonella free and remain consistent in composition.


Additionally, our in-house toxicology lab screens for toxins. We can further ensure the strictest quality standards because we do not subcontract the manufacture of our foods to other companies. We do everything ourselves. We also offer the best service with a help line to answer all your questions.


State-of-the-Art Technology

We own and operate our own twin-screw extruders for complete quality control over all of our extruded pelleted-finished products. This allows Young Again to offer top-quality finished products that are well formulated and well manufactured. The added flexibility of this type of extruder also allows us to offer formulated pet foods with an extremely wide range of protein and fat combinations, thereby accurately addressing the special nutritional requirements of many different types and breeds of pets.



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