Estimated Starch/Carb Calculation

Moisture %
Protein %
Fat %
Fiber %
Ash * %
Total Starch/Carb 0%

* If Ash level is not listed: canned food: use 2; dry food use 7

If the total starch number is negative there is a problem with the numbers listed on the site or label.

Along with less than 5% starch Young Again Pet Food also recommends products with no plant proteins and no grains. These types of ingredients may include: sweet potato, rice, corn, cranberries, blueberries, etc.

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NOTE: When using the calculator, please understand that some foods may show higher levels of starch. Because the numbers found in the guaranteed analysis on every bag of food, including Young Again foods show protein and fat as minimums, this means that there are actually higher levels of both in the food. AAFCO regulations state that we have to guarantee a minimum amount to be in compliance with the law. AAFCO also only requires that crude/non-soluble fiber be listed in the guaranteed analysis. All Young Again Pet Foods contain significant levels of soluble fiber. Both crude and soluble fibers are considered non-digestible so they provide no energy to your cat and do not impact blood glucose levels. Most foods do not contain soluble fiber so the calculator works well for an accurate analysis. However, Young Again's higher levels of soluble fiber need to be considered when using the calculator. The digestible starch/carbs of our cat foods are always less than 6% or 1% depending on the diet. Please click here for the guaranteed analysis of each of our foods as fed. You'll also find a typical drymatter analysis for each of our premium foods.